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The Awesome Impact Award was created by Da Rad Gamer – so first off ‘Kudos’ to them. If you are not yet familiar with their blog, please do take the time to check it out. Quotes are their big thing, and we all love quotes don’t we. What do they say, to ‘repeat verbatim’, to say it again? Got to love quotes l say. But also daily life entries and golden nugget tips on how to succeed well in class.

The Rules

Tag the person who nominated you.

Take “The Awesome Impact Award” Picture and add that in your post.

Talk about an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.

Nominate other awesome bloggers for this award

Thank You

My genuine thanks to my friend Kristian of Tales from the mind of Kristian for his nomination of my blog. Now, l can’t believe l am writing this, but l will just in case – if you are not yet aware of his blog, what are you doing looking at this still – head over to his blog of stories and tales and poems of mystery, detection, prompts, writings and so on, go on, do it, just hit that link. you will not be disappointed, you see Kristian is one of those rare people – he’s genuine – check him out and say Hey K How’ya doing?

An Impact on Life

Many things over the years have had a huge impact on my life to allow me to be the person l am today, not all of them good. But that’s life isn’t it? We learn from our mistakes and errs that we make otherwise what’s the point, if we simply continue to walk our path and fall into the same traps. In my eyes, life is about discovery and every day, just another part of our journey – make of that as you will.

However of the few impacts that have left an impression on me, l will dedicate one of those within the story here. It will not be a long thank you, so l’ll not bore the readers to tears however l am going to dedicate this to Suze, my partner, as she has single handedly made the biggest impression or ‘impact’ on my life to date.

How did she do it? Simple … she believed in me.

We met in 2013, and when l first started talking to her, l was in a very odd and dark place, l was incredibly cynical to life and its people, l was complete against society, l had just escaped an inhuman existence where l lived in the caravan with my two dogs for three years, prior to that time, l had a long stained history with all sorts that could have destroyed many people, yet l kept bouncing back, it wasn’t my time l guess. But the person she first started talking to is no longer here. Suze had her work cut out for her in truth, l was a cynical Aspie with no tolerance for anything and had very little self belief, self worth and confidence in myself. I believed l would be a loss to any kind of relationship and had in many respects grown scared of who l was, l lived purely for my dogs. I was in essence quite a broken man.

But as said, she believed in me, and over the years that followed she allowed me to be me, something that l had never even allowed myself to be – just me, Mr Quirky Oddball – except, in her eyes l may have been quirky, but l was no oddball, just broken and without belief in my abilities.

Suze deserves this award if anything, because that woman is strong, unbelievably strong and it was her alone, that made the biggest impact in my life for all the best positive reasons. If l had never met her, l may not be writing here today, not because l would be dead, although who knows, l had/have a track history of attempted suicides, but in 2013, l wasn’t aiming on killing myself, l just didn’t believe in myself anymore and she gave that confidence back to me in such a way that l owned it again, l owned me again.


I am not going to nominate 10 bloggers, l am currently on a nomination sabbatical for a while, but l will nominate three as a compromise.

Michelle of Mws R Writings


Kkatch of Finding French Charming

21 thoughts on “Awesome Impact Award Nomination

      1. Oh you are HUGELY influential!! Mainly because you don’t try to be and aren’t even aware of it. You just carry on regardless, doing what you do so well! You’re the cornerstone of this part of blogdom, you’re a very large part of what unifies is all so much and if KK and I have to get a flight to beat that into you, we will!
        Imagine how silly you’ll feel then when you’re beaten up by two short little women?! 😂

        1. Erm, l didn’t think you were short? I thought the term was ‘fun size?’

          Well, you know … ok, l think it’s easier to accept the compliment with grace. 🙂

          It’s me, l always am uncomfortable receiving any kind of compliment 🙂

          So thank you both 🙂

    1. Hey Grandma, sadly not. As much as l try to convince her to start one up, she still hasn’t taken the plunge, plus l don’t think she even has the time to at this present time 🙂

  1. Hello chaps – thanks for the nomination, I really do appreciate the ‘word’ – however, I’m at a stage with editing my book where nothing gets in my way, so I’ll probably skip it (unless I finish the editing before the end of the week (that’s maniacal laughter in the background). I also have a two-day trip to do (and offline during), so I apologise, but I can’t do it. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Pepsi & Cage

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