The Dog’s Bond – As l look into your eyes ……….


Anyone who has the joys and or knows the joy of having a dog as a companion will be able to relate to the sentiment and emotion in this poem written in 2011  for my beautiful girl Dora, who sadly passed away in 2014 with mammary cancer. We were like an old married couple so profound was our bond. Whilst today l know that Scrappy Doodlepip loves me, she is very bonded with Suze, my partner.

Dora and l had been together since her birth on the 30th November 2003, and when l divorced in 2008, the ‘family pack’ was split up and l left the matrimonial home in 2007 with four dogs out of six. Dora, Scrappy, Misty and Lucy. Sadly Misty and Lucy passed away in 2009, which left Scrappy and Dora who never got on and it was only in 2014 when Dora died that she and Scrappy became friends again.

Throughout the caravan days 2009 – 2012, Dora lived inside with me, whilst Scrappy lived outside and it was during these terrible times that Dora saw me through some really terrible emotional moments in my life. I have loved all of my dogs, but Dora l swear was my soul guardian.

I will not go into specific details, l am pretty sure the savvy reader will be able to read through the lines of what follows to see where my mind was at. It was my dogs that kept me sane in those years. Only my dogs.

This was written as one night we stared into each others eyes. Dora watched me so very closely as times, she had the most amazing eyes, they could bore through you.

In loving memory of Dora Dog – 2003 – 2014


The Dog’s Bond

As l look into your eyes ……….

You are worrying me, you know this is true,
Yet in my position, there is nothing l can do,

Bless you, l see you watching me again,

I have looked out for you right from the start,

Your thoughtful eyes, sensing my pain,

When we first met, l gave you my heart,

I oft wonder what you are thinking of,

You were so fine then and so strong,

Looking at me with your eyes so soft,

Now you appear broken and lost, this is wrong,

Understanding me as l know you do,

If your gone what shall l do, where shall l go,

Seeing you as a puppy, l fell for you,

I don’t want anyone else, you are who l know,

You were such a bundle of joy to behold,

I ’ll miss all the times we have been together,

Watched you grow as we have both become old,

There are still more to come in all weathers,

You have given me so much over the years,

Years l have left, to be loyal by your side,

Offered comfort to me during my worst fears,

Protecting you from man and your demons inside,

Snuggled closer at my times of nightmares,

Have l not done this well and to your pleasure,

Companionship you awarded me from the start,

I am your soul guardian, you are my treasure,

I love and adore you my friend with all my heart,

Don’t go my friend and leave me to fend it alone,

I love and adore you my friend with all my heart,

It’s not your time yet, no need to atone,

We are so connected l know this to be true,

I am here for you also please don’t forget,

You have watched out for me, when I’ve been blue,

Don’t be down, how can l stop the upset?

Don’t worry my love, l sense your concern,
I am not going anywhere, it’s not yet my turn.

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