You Say Eggplant, l say Aubergine!


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September 2018

You Say Eggplant, l say Aubergine!

Well slowly the garden is meting out the last of its vegetables from the outside plants, they are slowly dying off, and awaiting Suze to dig them up and place them into the neglected compost heap – which despite being unloved and more specifically ‘unturned’ is doing pretty well all by itself. I am eager to turn over the compost heap, however at this current stage of the season, l am completely out of action.


But this morning, l was able to perform some left handed gardening and tidying up which is still better than doing nothing at all. In the last week, the heap has shrunk 8″ which is a lot and has enabled us to top it up with the overgrowths, dead plants and some new freshly mown lawn, but also a huge pile of fig leaves which do so love being composted. To a non – composter that 8″ will mean absolutely nothing, however to other composters like me, that 8″ in a week, means that the heap is generating a lot of internal heat to be able to shrink the pile like this.


My compost has done remarkably well this season and l am thrilled with the results and more so the yields it has allowed us to crop out.

I am hoping that Suze will let me do some shredding this week so l can make some more mulch especially as the Autumn will soon be upon us, and we would like to grow some winter crops, as l have a ‘lot’ of twigs that need shredding down.



More twigs with some gourd being left to dry out.


Fig tree twigs make a truly beautiful mulch.

Our plum tree is still producing a nice healthy crop of fruit, it’s a pity that the other two are not producing anything, however ha ha, Suze and l both love plums but they don’t like us, so we have to give these away.


Scrappy was helping me in the garden this morning, but pretending that she was too shy for the camera!


Patience is a virtue when it comes to this little madam!


You can really see how well the compost is doing as a supplement when in the green house, our tomatoes, aubergines and peppers are becoming triffids!




Peppers just starting to flower, so we might get a crop yet, especially if the weather guys are right with their forecasts for September being hot. Last years crop of Pepper plants were not this height.


Aubergines are going to be crackers this year!


Thanks for reading.

Rory, Suze and Doodlepip!

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