Dear Blog … 10.15 – 02/9/18


Sunday Wuckfittery at it’s very best!

We have some good neighbours where we live, our small community surrounding us is also excellent ….. however the rest of the neighbourhood can at times be filled with well heeled snobbery. They are retirees in the main, in their 70’s to 80’s bracket and very much a traditionalist elitist bunch.

Of course, l don’t think our neighbourhood is specifically different to neighbours around the world, there are always good and bad ones, and then there are the real troublesome lot. The ones whom think they are better than everyone else, that they are more deserving than everyone else, that they are the deities exempt from being included in the polite, friendly and courteous ones.

Behind where we live we have neighbours who are just the type explained above, those who think they are better than everyone else! For me my description of them is something slightly different to ‘elitist snobs’, l call them ‘inconsiderate wankers!’

Last year, we had non stop drumming, as in drums being hit from 7am – almost 10pm at night, with their doors open so the entire neighbourhood could thoroughly enjoy their dull throbs! I nearly was driven insane by it last year, made several complaints and still the jungle vine beat continued, to the point l had to start taking notes of times and so on. I actually wanted to kill them last year. However this year, that particular neighbour has been quiet, and yet the tosswad next to him, has decided that burning bonfires all day seems to be perfectly acceptable.

Now it’s not illegal to have a garden fire, but ‘one’ is supposed to ask  the closest neighbours out of politeness if it is okay to have a fire during the daylight hours, especially if it is a nice weather day, and if it is a problem, then they should light their fire at night when people are NOT hanging out washing or having their windows open! But Primeprick number 2 as the drum beater was PP1 is oblivious to where his smoke goes, or for that matter cares not!

It matters not how many requests you make or even complaints to to these demi-gods, they just look down their noses at you and sneer to the point you want to whack them one!

Do we really live in a world that cares not for the concerns of others as to what is right, not right and basically just acceptable or unacceptable?



I have hurt my right arm badly, l sadly wrenched my neck yesterday whilst visiting my Father in hospital, where he has been for the last week due to a urinary infection. He needed to change nightclothing, well basically underpants and shorts, and wouldn’t let Suze help him – he became very modest all of a sudden! I tried finding a nurse to assist, and none to be seen. The one l did find basically said “Yes? I ‘m busy!”

So l helped my Father get changed, l had to support him and help him into these two items of clothing, and as light as he is/was, he was still heavier than my arm could cope with, but l couldn’t let him fall, and had to strain my arm to hold him and l felt the invisible strings somewhere in my neck go taut and almost snap. 

He had just received a blood transfusion, was confused, weak and not all together there, did not look well to say the very least. We were out of the house yesterday for a good seven hours, we left at one and got back at eightpm’ish so you can imagine my surprise when we came back to a message left by my Father on our answerphone, suggesting that he was going to be discharged the next day as in today?

How, l ask myself is that even possible? Considering he has been in bed all week, not helped with walking? Needs an ambulance to get back to his house. The care package isn’t even set up just yet and what? They are going to take him back home and just leave him there?

I am still grogged up from all the tablets l have been taking for the pain, and now trying to ring his hospital and the hospice care teams for quality information as to what is what? I spoke to him this morning and he was more confused than l was, so that doesn’t sound like a discharge.

Getting through to a hospital these days is similiar to trying to find a pin in a busy airport, the phone never answers!! The hospice number turned out to be a furniture shop, so l am having to try and find that true number, the so called care package number is just ringing out!

I have no idea what is happening, whether he is being discharged or not, whether he misheard them or not and unable to get through to anyone at the damn hospital! I feel that it’s going to be one of those days once more!

Sunday fuckwittery at it’s very best!

Dear Blog ……

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