Snifty Sleuth – The Epilogue


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Snifty Sleuth – The Epilogue

An altercation was taking place in one of the hotel bedrooms. Two female voices could be heard coming from inside, or they would have been, if there had been anyone left alive to hear it.

A sultry voice said “Well I am glad that’s all over. Oh, I enjoyed it while it lasted, but it will be nice to get out of here and start spending the money, now the police think it was that boy. Did you know he was Charles’ illegitimate son?”

In clear cold tones another voice replied “No, I just thought he’d make an excellent person to pin the blame on and I knew you could wrap him around your little finger, you were always great at that Sis. This has worked out very well. When both Charles and you received letters inviting us down here, I was suspicious. That woman has been bleeding me dry for years. She knew I’d poisoned Abigail but she agreed to keep her silence, for the money. Well, now I’ve silenced her for good. I sneaked downstairs and slipped something into her tea when she took that young man his toast. I rather enjoyed it and I won’t have to pay her another penny. And that old Cat, Alicia, she’d been suspicious. You heard what she said in the Drawing room. Well she had to go. She didn’t hear me creep up behind her in the Library. I enjoyed that too.

“Yes, but did you have to use my scarf! Well, come on, I see you’ve changed out of your dowdy clothes, let’s get out of here and start spending all his money. You agreed to split it fifty-fifty.”

There was a melodious laugh, it sounded like chimes falling down the stairs.

“Well, as to that, there has been a change of plan. I am very grateful to you for pushing the old man down the stairs, sis and planting the scissors and the knife to throw suspicion on the others. Yes, you played your part brilliantly, but you see, I didn’t go to all the trouble of poisoning his first wife, not to mention shooting Harvey and poisoning the boy, in order to split it with you.”

“What do you mean?” The voice sounded slurred.

“Well, I suppose I should tell you before I go. I didn’t poison the young man’s glass. I poisoned the bottle. So, you had a dose too. I have already prepared a suicide note for you. ‘Oh, I can’t go on with what I have done’ etcetera. I’m getting rather good at forging now. I’ll just leave it here with the gun I shot Harvey with. Goodbye, my dear Sister, and thank you for all your help.”

The door opened and Patricia Maxwell-Murdoch dressed in a daringly clingy black satin dress, sprayed herself with her ‘Eau de Bergamot’ perfume and walked out of Lola Ginatonica’s room. She paused to apply some bright red lipstick to her lips the strode towards the stairs. Lola’s body crawled desperately across the floor, she reached out and grabbed her sister’s ankle just at the top of the stairs.

With a scream, Patricia Maxwell-Murdoch tumbled down the staircase and landed in an impossibly contorted fashion at the bottom.

There was silence, not a sound could be heard. Not even a breath.


A voice from the shadows shouted ‘CUT’ and then the lights went on.

A man stood up from a director’s chair and shouted “That’s a wrap people. This is gonna go down great. We’ve got a blockbuster on our hands people! Everyone loves one of these Murder-mystery pictures. I think we really made it look like the real thing.”


So there we have it, the whole story now lays open for all to see …

Who was who then?

Well Kristian of Tales from the mind of Kristian and myself worked on the story and the marketing throughout the month. Kristian is the genious behind the creation of all the scenes and flow of the story as well coming up with the ideas of the posts to be made by our other two collaborators.

Britchy of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen played the part of Lola, whilst Kkatch of Finding French Charming played the part of Patricia and both were Sisters and both of their characters are now dead! Bet you didn’t see that coming, let alone it all being make believe and on a film set.

Congratulations to Dominique of 3C Stylefor pipping in at 28/30 points and equal congratulations to Mel of Crushed Caramelfor her very close second position of 26/30.

Congratulations to all.


Dominique at first place of Gold has won a complete four set of the Snifty Pens themselves: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Vanilla, Tropical Fruit Punch and Raspberry.

Mel at second place of Silver has won two pens, scents of her own choice.

If both Mel and Dominique could drop me an email to this address please, entitled Snifty Winners l would be most grateful.

My judge/writer aka Kristian, and my two other collaborators l will write to this afternoon regarding your prizes.

Once again to all of you who have helped this competition travel from the start to the finish and made it fun … My sincere thanks!

Rory & Doodlepip

20 thoughts on “Snifty Sleuth – The Epilogue

  1. Rory and Kristian, this was an amazing story. I can’t imagine the work you put into it! I had so much fun being a part of it too!! I absolutely did not see the ending coming at all!!! Bravo you guys!! 3C and Caramel Crunch, you guys wrote the most amazing reports! Wow! Fun fun fun!!!

          1. I owe you an e-mail…
            I have just arrived back in London after a weekend with Goldfinch…I am jiggered!
            When I wake up in the morning, I will send e-mail with postal address.
            Hope you have had a great weekend Rory.

  2. Aha, you got us Kristian. I did not see anything coming. Brilliant! This challenge was captivating, but what I appreciated the most is to see the complicity between all members of your team. I have seen developing relationships and creative projects within the WordPress community. You guys are an excellent example of that! Bravo.

  3. This was all so much fun but I have to tell you, neither kk or I would have killed each other – we’re too Thelma and Louise forvthat! We’d be sat on a beach with cocktails right now instead!!

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