Dear Blog … 08.09 – 31/8/18


Sky Flotting, skotting, kly shooting, long and short of it ….

… l have made a bit of a blooper! “It should read Fly Swatting!’

Yesterday morning l ran out of my tablets the Zapains, l still had my Amitriptylines, and l have a relatively useless backup called Cuprofen. I have a prescription for the Zapains sitting at the doctor ‘s surgery which was ready to collect on Thursday and Suze was going to pick it up on her way back from work. However she was held up in traffic out of Margate due to roadworks.

Hopefully l can get a lift in this morning sometime to get the prescription from the surgery, get it made up in the chemist across the road, but also arrange for a new appointment to review this medication lark.

Yesterday, the back door of the conservatory was open, and those pesky sods the flies came in, they couldn’t gain access to the house as the internal door was closed, however l thought l would do my domestic duty and get the buggers out and back into the garden, but things did not go as planned!

The Zapains and Amitriptyline together are cutting the pain levels down to a barely acceptable 60%, but that still leaves a 40% pain level, and provided l don’t do anything stupid or silly or clumsy, l can keep that pain at bay. However the job of the Amitriptyline is to basically slow me down and turn me into a zombie, or on a chemical high for most of the day.

I went into the conservatory and tried the friendly way of removal which is to open the windows and chase them out, except these sods were not playing ball and insisted on staying. So my next step was to get a rolled up newspaper and try and flatten them, and that is where l made a significant error, well two actually if you take the lack of strength into account in my right arm.

I attempted to fly squot!, swatt and used my right arm, in three to five unsuccessful movements l wrenched my arm, and my neck and then had to put up with the most horrendous pain. In the end l grabbed the small dust hoover and zapped them with that and let them out into the garden.

Now whilst l felt the pain and it was bad, l was still under the influence of mostly the Amitriptylines, but later on the pain really struck home, proving me just how bad the Cuprofens were for dealing with pain. I had to overdose on the Amitrips last night, and still they didn’t handle the pain, useless bloody things. All they did was make me overly tired and l had to retire to bed early for the night and l just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, but although they made me sleepy, they didn’t reduce my pain!

A night filled with nightmares about funny looking green fish with human faces, next to centipedes with giraffe legs and l have to say l am really rather pissed off with these useless tablets. Now l am sitting here in my boxer shorts, readying myself for a shower, then garner the strength needed to slinky walk Scrappy, then ask my neighbours for an emergency lift down to the surgery where upon l can get the Zapains needed.

Am really hating this pinched nerve, am really hating the doctor’s buggering about with pain reducing tablets – just seriously peed off with everything so far!

Just had to vent!

Dear Blog ……

23 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 08.09 – 31/8/18

        1. Yeah l agree, l did it a couple of time last month, but we got some complaints as apparently they hadn’t heard of some of my colourful terms … picky neighbours l say!

            1. Well what l have always found interesting about folk is that they say one thing with their left hand but mean something different with their right. My neighbourhood is somewhat older in their 70’s mostly. If they think for one minute l think they don’t swear, then they’re totally wrong, l think it is more to do with the duration that my proffanity can take to leave my lungs.

              I think it is more of a thing that if they swear it’s over and done with in a minute, whereas one of mine may last five minutes 🙂

  1. The flies die eventually. 2-3 days, max 5 (okay, I lied – it’s 28 days).
    How long does it take to get your spine right?
    Let me tell you the secret to getting rid of flies – get a bowl (something like a sugar bowl is good, the lid has a place for a spoon, so the flies can get in, right? Half-fill the bowl with beer. yes, the good shit. Drink the rest. Put the lid on, put the bowl somewhere near the windows. Wait til the next day, and pour all the bodies in the compost.
    And if you don’t drink the beer, pass it this way.

    1. Morning Cage,

      It’s totally my fault with the flies, although probably slinky walking Scrappy will not be helping either as it is a two hand job, and let’s be honest l am probably not helping myself typing each day.

      Suze hates flies, and instead of facing the ‘who let the flies in’ song, l thought it would be easier to get the sods out, just completely and utterly forgot my right arm.

      I have had this problem since January, and under the doctors gaze since June, but l keep forgetting to not use my right arm, l am right handed, but it takes a lot to reprogramme everything into the left. The right arm has no quality strength anymore, and the left is the stronger arm now, but even the docs have said don’t overdo it.

      The pinched nerve is in the right side of my body coming down from c5-c7 but it also affects the left side.

      When Suze got back she was angry with me for getting the flies out anyway, so there is no winning in this game of life ha ha!

      Keep well.

  2. I’m sorry you’re still dealing with that stupid pain. I can definitely relate. When I kept reinjuring my rotator cuff, I used to tie a make-shift sling around my injured arm to remind myself not to use it.
    A good rant is always helpful. I’ve been known to go off quite frequently. It’s much better than holding it in or punching a wall.

    1. Hey, hey it’s the Monkees, oh no, that’s wrong – it’s the Grandmas! Are you back now?

      I haven’t got the strength to punch a wall, l didn’t have the strength to even flatten the pesky flies. I have tried slinging it, but it really is just a dead weight even in sling at present.

      I am hoping Monday and the MRI will show to everyone what the real problem is and we can all start to remedy it 🙂

      1. I’m trying to be back. LOL. I’m going to be popping in as much as I can with the goal being the same level as when I left.
        I know I’ve missed a lot but I’m not going to pressure myself to try to read everything I’ve missed.
        Mostly I’ve missed you and all my other awesome WP family ❣

    1. Well l managed to get my tablets this morning thank goodness, so l have at least some temporary relief Kristian. With the MRI on Monday l am hoping that those results will not take too long and a conclusion as to what and how deep the real problem is will soon be attained, and then the suggestions for the treatment will be awarded. I cannot keep taking tablets for this just to mask the pain.

      I need to know what it is, so l can at least work towards a recovery 🙂

        1. Hey good morning Kat,

          Very much so, our brains busy during the day can go into hyperdrive at night and conjur up all sorts of things.

          Glad you are well and keeping good, albeit quiet 🙂

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