4 Paws Diary – Ep 20


Episode 20

4 Paws Diary

24th August – 31st August August

The One thing About Life … Is That It Goes On!

Hey Everbody,

Just a quickie!

Well l am still here!

I would like to say that l am an agile dog who is leaping in huge bounds like SuperDog but l can’t, because l am not! It’s that simple, my days of sprinting are totally restricted by two overly concerned two leggeds! Honestly, they are so overwhelming, they are crimping my freedom and my style!

Ok, l know l have been poorly and from what l can gather about last week, is that l had a pretty close shave with a needle that may well have been the last needle l felt for quite some time! I am not too sure what that may have meant, but l have a few ideas, so thank goodness, l bucked up my attitude, is all l can say! Or in short “Phewee!!”

I was just feeling down is all, l mean l love to walk, and it was beginning to look like l couldn’t walk any more, but l think l was feeling sorry for myself! I mean we have all been there, right?


It’s not just me that has felt like that at some point or another.

I wasn’t eating, l wasn’t taking medication, l was in simple terms throwing my bones out of the kennel! I didn’t want to eat, and l didn’t want my medication, so a compromise had to be made to 1] get their attention and 2] get them to see reason!

It mostly worked! Apart from that term, ‘Could’ve been the last car journey!’

I was sitting in the back seat thinking’“Seriously!!? I am only pretending to be this ill, it’s only my leg for goodness sake, l can adapt, we just need a different less hostile approach guys!’

So l bucked up pretty quickly, l can assure you.

I didn’t want medication, nope, not the tablets NO WAY!

The compromise was my Metacam, l didn’t mind my Metacam, it was less intrusive!

So the deal was l would eat, if only the M was used. I would concentrate on being a good little puppy, as long as there were no more pills!

I have to walk with the Belly Slinky, which is quite embarassing. Dad uses it everytime we go out, at least Mummy is a little bit less restrictive, but Dad!  Oh no, he uses it all the time, and l know it causes him pain to do it, but he is so disciplined! But in the last few days, he has been quite easy with it, l think however that might be something to do with his own pain because to use it properly you need two good hands, and well … Dad has only just got one good hand, perhaps he needs some of my M?

However, neither of them let me do any running, it’s always ‘Not too fast Scrappy, this isn’t a race you know?’ “No jumping Doods!” or my favourite “What do you think you are playing at young lady?”

But here we are a week later from my last entry and l am eating – and it’s a diet of my choice thank you very much, not my old diet, oh no NOT AT ALL! You want me to eat, then l will but what l want. So now l have cooked chicken, cooked ham, occasionally some fish and my favourire of all! Venison Sprrrrinkles!!!! None of them and l don’t eat! I also enjoy some nice raw meat just to round things off! I am still a growing girl you know! I have my Metacam now on all my food, and because it’s my diet, l am happy to compromise with Mummy and Dad in regards my eating.

I am walking, and l do give them a bit of a start if l sprint a little, l like to see them swallow their hearts and stomach all at once! I shouldn’t laugh, but it is a tinsy bit funny … well as long  as l don’t hurt myself, because then IT’S NOT FUNNY!

But Just so you all know, l am better 🙂


Also, next week, Dad and l are going to draw up a new Interview form which will accomodate all sorts of petz, not just K9’s and Katz, but all sorts – diversity is King!

So until the next time, take care ‘y’all!’


Power to the Bark!

K9 Scrappy Doodlepip

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