Dear Blog … 12.41 – 30/8/18


Walking before you run …

Well my Father is still in hospital, l have n’t actually managed to speak to him at all since Sunday, nor for that matter has my Sister and no one has a clue when he is likely to be released from their care. His own Sister was with him from Monday night till yesterday afternoon predominately at his house.

Somehow, and it’s not been confirmed just yet she has managed to get to be an executor on his will, not sure how, however she rang me yesterday to let me know that. I am now rather cynical to her visit, was it purely to get into/onto his will when they fell out about it several years ago? Who knows.

But l do feel that the drama on this whole situation is not yet over, sadly.


Scrappy is coming along in leaps and bounds, well perhaps not literally as she would more than likely damager her leg and that is not allowed to happen, so we tend to walk her with her harness and with her belly slinky. She can be a right little stubborn madam at times. Her mind says she wants to walk twenty miles, and yet her body is only really good for 200 yards before she is tired again. But it is still early days, and we are allowing her more freedom when on walks especially on flat surfaces, but if there is a slight hillock then on goes the slinky, and already we have learned to expect ‘Little Miss Stubborn’ to be back and in top form.

She is now eating again properly [well sort of, l mean we still use the sprinkles, but at least she is eating more food] and we no longer have the necessity to use paractamol or tramadol, but she does have her metacam which whilst not a painkiller is certainly good enough to tackle her inflamation.

But she is back in the best way she can be, so all is well for the time being.


Finally my MRI appointment arrived and is set for next Monday, so am looking forwards to getting that over and done with and hopefully come to a firmer conclusion as to where the damage is in so far as the nerves from my neck. I am now fully involved with the programme in regards to tablets. Although I am not totally convinced that they are doing that grand a job – l still have considerable pain in my right arm, neck and shoulder and have learned through mistakes that there are certain things l cannot do. Like looking up, or turning my head to the left, and looking down for too long a period is not a great move either.

So if we can get to a conclusion, l for one would be very pleased. If l can offload the zombiefication effect then l will be very happy indeed.


So far that is really the week since my last entry and l am none too sure why, but it is only Thursday and feels like a Friday, Bank Holiday weekends must be the culprit to these feelings of disorientation l guess.

But we are still early into the week even at this later stage of the day. Time will tell, because time always does, one way or another.

Dear Blog ……


2 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 12.41 – 30/8/18

  1. So happy to hear Scrappy is doing a little better!! Still sending you guys good thoughts & positive vibes!!

    So sorry you’re have neck & shoulder trouble. Hopefully the MRI gives you an answer to what’s going on, & I hope whatever it is, is an easy fix!

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