Dear Blog … 16.25 – 28/8/18


The Wolves and the Vultures!

Sad, but not surprising to learn that late last night my Father was taken into hospital with a urinary infection, in addition to him not taking his medication or his insulin shots on a regular basis and his blood sugars are sky high.

I saw him with Suze on Sunday, my Sister saw him with her daughter and a friend on Monday morning [strange how he recognised her immediately!] 🙁 and his Sister was travelling down to see him from north Wales, and instead of seeing him at his home had to redirect herself to the general hospital and saw him there.

She is  staying for a few days at his house, so not really a pleasant journey for her on top of not having seen him properly for two years, so somewhat a shock and more so to find him hooked up to all sorts.

Have you noticed how everything is ‘if only?’ – if only he had allowed us to put Lifeline into him earlier, or if only he had allowed us access to him via carers, if only he had bloody well listened to everyone’s advice, but oh no, not good enough!

Now, if only’s are useless, there is no point to them because he was not healthy enough to stay at home and who knows if they are going to actually let him out and when? He has created his own shit storm by denying the help proffered based upon ‘l can cope by myself comments!’

“Yeahuh Dad, how’s that going for you so far?”

His Sister is at his house now, alone in the house with the blood on the floors, a horrible reminder of a man refusing to acknowledge that he needed to accept tthe help offered by his family! She was saying last night, that suddenly people are arriving  and they have sets of keys with them to his house? I was like WTF, my old man was top of his game in security and he is just giving out keys to his house?

He will not be happy, my Sister and l are changing his locks and having a key safe fitted, for his safety, because we need to know that not every Tom, Dick or Harry is simply walking into his house whenever they feel like it. He will grumble, he will complain, he will moan about losing control, and all we can say in our defence is, you now have round the clock care by nursing and caring staff. Your ‘friends’ [wolves and the vultures], will still be your friends, but they will not be your carers as some of them have been forced to be. Now if they wish to visit, they will visit as your friends only.

I don’t want my Father in a vulnerable position, which he has been in before all this happened and he finally conceded to accepting care.

We will see how this goes, but as of yet, we still have no idea when he is coming out and more importantly … if!

Dear Blog ……

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    1. So do l, but not at the detriment of your health which is how Dad made it sadly. I want Dad to keep his independence, but l don’t want him to fall at home, and then no one knows.

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