Angel of Mercy or Murdering for Men?

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You’ve probably heard stories of “mercy killings” by people in the medical profession.  I have a relative who is involved in hospice, which focuses on the palliative treatment of people with terminal illnesses.  Palliative means more than just medications for easing pain associated with certain diseases.  It also includes the emotional and psychological assistance in dealing with dying. It takes really special people to be involved with patients who are facing death.  Personally, I feel these people are angels for what they do.

For years there have been stories of “angels of mercy”. These were not caregivers for the dying. These were caregivers who expedited the dying!  People who took advantage of their positions in order to kill.

There have been doctors convicted of murdering patients (Kevorkian probably comes to mind), but less obvious have been the nurses who were killing patients. Perhaps less obvious because the nursing profession has…

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