Game On – Series 2 – Confidence


Game On – S2 Created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

This twice weekly game will be 21 questions or in truth 16 flexi questions, because there will be five permanent that must stay in place at all time.

But apart from those 5 permanent questions, should you choose to reblog, then you can change any of the other 16 questions or create 16 of your own, that’s down to you, however you must stick to the Daily Topic Subject.

The Rules …

1] Leave the Permanent Questions [PQ] always in place PLEASE.

2] Reblog should you so desire

3] If you do reblog, a ping back would always be welcomed so l don’t miss it.

4] This is a non tagger/non nomination game.

This is quite simply a small question game. The questions are not specifically that taxing, or they might be if you don’t like questions as many don’t however, they are just here for trivia based fun.


Daily Topic Subject – Confidence

Q1] What does confidence mean to you?

Q2] What you do believe to be your main strengths?

Q3] What do you think are your weaknesses?

Q4] Are you a risk taker?

PQ5] List 8 things that positively impact your confidence.

Q6] Do you learn from your mistakes?

PQ7] List 8 things that negatively impact your confidence..

Q8] How are you when meeting new people for the first time?

Q9] If you had to address a and audience and deliver a five minute speech on a subject you were passionate about – could you do it?

Q10] What is your current attitude towards politics?

Q11] Would you describe yourself as a confident person?

PQ12] In reference to Question 9 – if you answered yes what would be your specialist subject for five minutes’? Discuss

Q13] How sure are you of your feelings and emotions – as in are you true to them?

Q14] How well do you cope with unexpected changes to your routines?

PQ15] In reference to question 9 – and you answered no, but still had to be in front of the audience, what WOULD your confidence allow you do – explain.

Q16] Is success important to you ?

Q17] Do you set yourself goals and are you able to achieve them within your set target periods?

Q18] True or false – You are Born with self-confidence ?

Q19] Do you believe that you cannot be successful in life if you do not have self-confidence?

PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones?

Q21] Do you believe people with self-confidence are all arrogant?

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