To Be A Waterfall



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To Be A Waterfall

Oh the joys to be a waterfall,
Flowing quietly down to the streams,
How truly and idyllically beautiful,
To be so lazily lost in sunlight gleams,
I like to be a waterfall,
Without a care in the world,
Twinkling and dancing and curving towards landfall,
Where all my problems would unfurl,
Oh the joy to be a waterfall,
Flowing quietly down to the streams,
How truly and romantically bountiful,
To be swept up in that daydream …


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12 thoughts on “To Be A Waterfall

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    1. Hey Josh – yes, water has a magical power. When l used to live in Surrey, there used to be a Pond there called The silent pool, it was a creepy yet strangely beautiful location – the water was crystal clear for a non moving pond – and watchers of this setting were often cast into a trance – they said they could hear a waterfall despite no movement to the waters and it beckoned them to commit suicide such was the allure of it. Water is more magical that many think.

      On a side note my friend, l am running a series called Truly Inspired – have a read and drop me an email if you would like to participate. I will write up your answers in a post.

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      1. There are so many tales regarding water…and some more chilling than others. In Belize, some people believe in a being called La Llorona, a sort of crying water-spirit who lures people to their deaths. Spooky!

        I’ll definitely check out your new series!

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  1. The picture is stunning! The poem is beautiful!! I love waterfalls. There’s a place near me that I recently visited called “Swallow Falls.” It’s my Oasis. I love to go and just sit, watch, & listen!!


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