Have a Great Day Folks


Have an awesome day folks in all that you. Start your day with a smile!

So what’s everyone got planned for today?

I think at this current time it’s easier to say l don’t know what l have planned for today, but whatever happens something will appear today!

Most assuredly, the 7th part ot TOTW with David Bowie, quite likely is the Snifty Challenge information post that is required for those looking to participate in the challenge itself, a high probability that the next episode of Carry on Travelling, if lucky a Game On, for definite we will be showing Cage Dunn’s Truly Inspired, as well as Melanie’s and absolutely a reblog of another of Scrappy’s K9 Adventures [she is still in pain, but is now eating again, and acknowledges cheese again – bonus!] and some other bits, one hopes, but who knows, l mean really, when life can change within the blink of an eye?


To everyone!

Rory & Doodlepip

7 thoughts on “Have a Great Day Folks

  1. Looking forward to all of your posts. So happy to hear that Scrappy is doing better today. Every little progress is good news. Try to have a good day despite all the stress in your life at the moment. For what it’s worth I’m thinking of you.

    1. Appreciated Dominique 🙂

      It is good that Scrappy is making progress again, it’s one less major stress to deal with at any rate. She has started eating again, which is a true blessing. She will not be happy with us tomorrow as we have to leave her with the neighbours, but it is way better than causing her more stress by lifting her in and out of the car several times 🙂

      1. Yes, I agree. Besides you will have other thing on your mind. Scrappy will be alright with your neighbours. Best luck for tomorrow and try to get a good night sleep if that is possible given the circumstances.

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