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Guess The Blogger!

Can you guess our mystery blogger?

Who is It?

20 Random Facts Are Your Only Clues … please submit your guesses in the comment section below.

Your answers need to include Blog Name and Link and Name or Avatar Name of the Blogger themselves.

So Far we have had three bloggers successfully guessed – see the directory!

But who is this below?

You know how to whistle don’t you? Err No, actually l don’t!

I write in an eclectic style about life’s trials and joys.

In my eyes there are NO faults with Snoopy or Sherlock Holmes – None!

If I had a dollar for every fictional character I developed feeling for, I could afford the therapy I obviously need!

Cheese, popcorn, and pistachios are simply to die for!

Och aye, if l could go anywhere in the world, right now it would be the birthplace of  Haggis!

I am quite musical, and play in a band!

I can live without most things – but not coffee, or books, oh right and actually not music!!

Laughter IS the best medicine of all!

I love to write and blogging is very cathartic

The Blogging community is by far filled with the best people on Earth

I just cannot get enough of Gary Clark Jr.

I love the smell of napalm err no l mean scotch tape in the morning!

I can be quite sarcastic, and have a dark sense of humour.

I am still very close to my best friend from kindergarten

I love to travel, but don’t often get the opportunity to do so.

Trees fascinate me – they have a life of their own you know!

Space – the final frontier! Obsessed? I say, rather!

Amy Lee of Evanescence is my doppleganger!

I am a very old soul born to too modern an era.

Guess The Blogger!

9 thoughts on “Guess The Blogger! – Guessed!

            1. It doesn’t really matter how you came to reach the conclusion in truth Kristian, with the mention of any dog within a Guess the Blogger, it would usually mean they are a follower and a very high chance they have done an interview with Scrappy 🙂

              It is why l tried to disguise the clue with Hunny rather than just Huny.

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