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Guess The Blogger!

Can you guess our mystery blogger?

Who is It?

20 Random Facts Are Your Only Clues … please submit your guesses in the comment section below.

Your answers need to include Blog Name and Link and Name or Avatar Name of the Blogger themselves.

So Far we have had two bloggers successfully guessed – these being Meditations in Motion and Laurie and Britchy of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen .. but who is this below?

Our Blogger …

Still has two baby teeth despite being late fifties!

Is Utah grounded to the core and knowledgeable on that fact.

An absolute Hunny is found in the Chihuahua dog.

Unusually diabetic with potential spectrum connections.

Hefty portions of the blog are concerning mental illness and family connectivity.

Loves lightly salted  crisps better known as potato chips, and maybe now and then sour cream and green onion or BBQ!

Absolutely detests onions, although onion flavouring is ok!

Let’s NOT talk about spiders ok, seriously phobic about that subject!

No clown fun for me at the circus, IT can keep away!

Not a Fan of Trump, #nevermypresident

Question lover as a phrase is an understatement, try adores!

Began drawing  at around 3 or 4, and a real fondness for cartooning!

Is a widow

Swimming and l don’t get along very well .. more of a glug glug experience!

Pardon? Sorry l didn’tquite catch that? Think l may be going deaf!

I love to laugh, laughter is the key to, well laughter!

Is somewhat introverted, and some people are intimidated by that upon first meeting.

I’m moderately intelligent.

I grew up with computers, so much so l come across as an amateur geek and am fascinated with the progress from huge monsters to the sleek and slimline models we see today.

Could easily be described as a dual platform user due to my computer knowledge!

Guess The Blogger Directory

If you would like to play Guess The Blogger, please send an email to stating your name and your blog name, and also 20 random facts about you and your blog.

Thank you

Who is Our Blogger?

Okay, l know that at least two of you know who this is, and one extra most assuredly as it is them ha ha! So come on then, show me the blogger 🙂

16 thoughts on “Guess The Blogger! – Guessed!

    1. No, you didn’t cheat per se, you used your resources, but don’t say anything just yet, let’s see how far it goes,, but bagsy you are right in case Madam b shows up lol!

  1. I think I know who this one is……unlike the other versions of this for whom I hadn’t even the tiniest clue. Although we have ice hockey here, it’s nothing I’ve ever personally seen.

  2. I’m absolutely certain I know who this was is! I wanted to guess earlier but I was in a bad connection zone.
    I’m thinking first name of two spice girls and not Anno Domini!

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