Eavesdropping in Georgia.. — Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

I am loving being in Georgia!!* Some of the stuff people say is downright hilarious. Princess PITA and I were just in Target and there were two women in there. I was listening them seriously bitching out another woman and saying ‘Bless her heart’ as if to negate the shade throwing that followed. Apparently she […]

via Eavesdropping in Georgia.. — Bitchin’ in the Kitchen


We have all done it, we are all guilty, l remember an extremely odd conversation on a bus going to town when l was about 15, and behind me were two girls talking about their conquests at the nightclub the previous night and l was aghast at some of the things they said and .. l will NOT repeat them ha ha!

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“her trousers were so tight they could see her religion.”

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