Dear Blog … 09.59 – 24/8/18


Baby steps …

Well Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it reminds me of a slogan l had made up once …


… and this describes Scrappy to a tee!

Baby steps are better than no steps at all, and a victory is still a victory even if small, it’s the thought that counts and she is definitely thinking thoughts. Finally, she has decided that Mummy and Dad are not out to get her or poison her and has started believing in food again.

I think the ‘modus operandi‘, we adopted as our first approach and guided by the vets was completely wrong and whilst helpful, we should have listened to our guts and not acted out purely in panic.  Scrappy does have pain, she is in discomfort, this we can both clearly see. However we are in essence her parents and she is our responsibility – however she is also a dog and not a child who can tell us what works and what doesn’t work, so we have to try and establish with her body language the best strategy for making her well again.

I have had dogs in my life since my early thirties, okay when l was 30 to be precise. I love the beauty of the way they think and their acceptance of simply adapting to new changes in their lives, they will at times appear stubborn when they are simply trying to tell us that they can accept certain things.

Scrappy has a seriously damaged left knee, spinal problems and now numerous unidentified masses or shaded areas in her body as was detected by the x-rays. She is 15 this November [30th] and is by all accounts a remarkably adept and determined young lady at getting what she wants in the case of therapy for herself and delivered by us. She is a Kelpie [Australian sheepdog] crossed with a Staffy [Staffordshire Bull Terrier], and as such is a hybrid breed and not a pedigree, the reason l say this is that this makes her to be a very versatile animal. The sheepdog in her enables her agility and intelligence whilst the Staffie encourages her to be built like a power house beast! She is therefore, strong and robust, has plenty of stamina, as well as determination and of course stubborness. She is determined that she will at whatever the costs continue to walk to her dying day and l feel that in a previous life she may well have been a wandering nomad.

She is an exceptionally loving dog who loves fuss and to be stroked and cuddled, she loves to go goofy just with touch alone, be this her chest, between the ears and other little spots that she likes. Unlike many other dogs, she absolutely loves having her fur brushed up the other way, but not by a brush but with your hands – it is as said simpler to say she loves being touched.

Suze and l both pannicked at the advice of ‘Scrappy is in a lot of pain and discomfort’, awarded to us by the vet alongside ‘she needs her medication as well as her metacam’, in order for her to get better. Any owner hearing the words pain and discomfort when attached to their animals will only want to try and eradicate that as quickly and easily as possible, it’s a natural reaction, and we have not let that slide away into oblivion, but we had to stop and ask ourselves what Scrappy would want, how does she view it all?

Last night, Scrappy ate some small amounts of food, some cooked chicken, and some ham, and some of her normal food. it was a combination of l am hungry and yes l do trust food again. However we discovered that ‘Wainwritghts grain-free venison sprinkles’ were in fact our godsend, our savior!

They are like the equivalent to ‘catnip’, and with 60% venison content, you can perhaps see why Scrappy like them so very much, so we liberally sprinkled them over her food. There is nothing in the ingredients that will do her any harm, however they are encouraging her to eat again. So hopefully by at least Monday we might not have to be using these like we are, and over the weekend, we will gradually ease back on them on her food. I should imagine that a dog’s stomach could in fact reduce size wise through a lack of eating, so we must remember that.

A valuable lesson has been learned from Scrappy via her actions, two in fact. 1] Don’t ever put medication in her food again and 2] more importantly, remembering she is our dog and not a universal dog which is what vets are used to handling.

Once we can normalise her diet again, we will hopefully be able to award her much needed medication. Trust me when l say, l don’t like anyone in pain, but l sure as hell hate to see my dog in pain.

She is walking again, with her harness and what we call the belly slinky. I took her for a small jaunt this morning, she wanted to go further, but she acted like a nutter last night and ran and jumped in through the back door and .. hurt herself! Facepalm and eye roll from us to her! However, it’s all about baby steps …


I didn’t hear from my Father’s doctor yesterday not even a courtesy call. I spoke to my Father on Monday and not since, l have more pressing problems on my plate. I have emailed him twice, and text him twice in case he is not able to walk properly, and each message has been ignored. The last one specifically asking for a time that was convenient to call him?  My sister is also currently being ignored, and as of this morning has still not received a response regarding her offer to come and visit him on the weekend.

I will not do anymore now, if he calls l will take it from there, and if he doesn’t fine so be it, he is a grown man as am l. Help has been offered from all angles now and he refuses to acknowledge anyone. I might drop another call to his doctor, but l have no real hope on that front, as there is always the chance my Father rang him and said not to speak to his Son, in which case he would have to comply with.


Well l am now on 3 of these amitripy things and have reduced down to 8 zapain a day and have l noticed any difference? Not really, but in defence l am walking Scrappy and using both hands with can prove a little difficult and places pressure on my right arm quite a bit. But she is worth it and that is enough for me.

Dear Blog ……

4 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 09.59 – 24/8/18

    1. Cheers Dawn, l can’t keep my Father’s plate spinning anymore, l have tried, but now l have to agree with my own doctor’s words last week that simply ‘some people cannot be helped’.

      I do sympathise with him, but if he refuses help and communication, what else is there left to do except take this path.


      1. Ya that is something I had to learn myself it’s diffecult but there’s nothing you can do when someone wouldn’t take the hand that’s being offered to them.

        BY FOR NOW

  1. Poor Scrappy but I’m glad she is doing better and eating again. I hope you’re able to manage her pain and keep her comfy.

    I’m sorry your father isn’t being cooperative, and sadly your doctor is right. You can only do so much and know when to look after you first.

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