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The Truth is Out There … Isn’t it? – Snifty Clue Post 24/08/18

The Final Clue

Scene: 13

Inspector Kruseau, Sergeant Atkins and two Constables got out of their police car and walked up the driveway. Constable Parker was still standing outside the front door looking rather tired.

“Anything to report Constable?” The Inspector asked.

Constable Parker put his hand over his mouth and yawned before replying “Nothing, Sir. It’s been quiet. No one has gone in and no one has gone out. No noise has come from inside either. I think they’ve all gone to bed.”

As they entered the hallway, they could sense all was not well. The Atmosphere was sinister and deathly quiet.The hall was dark but a light on the landing above allowed some light to permeate down. They could also see some light around the door to the kitchen and the door to the Library.

Inspector Kruseau walked over the Library door and opened it.

“Oh My God!” Said the Inspector, loudly. His Sergeant came running up and asked, “What is it Sir?”

“There’s a body in the Library! It’s Lady Van Schlumph.”

In the large armchair, next to the lit reading lamp, the Old lady was slumped over and a black scarf had been wrapped around her neck and tied into knots. The Old woman, who had been no oil painting before, now looked like a Picasso. The face was distorted almost out of recognition. He picked up her hand, it was still warm, she couldn’t have been dead for longer than an hour.

He looked up at Constable Parker and couldn’t help remarking “Excellent job Constable, didn’t you hear anything at all?”

“No, I heard footsteps crossing the hall a couple of times and I heard talking in the Kitchen and some laughing in the Drawing room, but nothing else.”

The Inspector then rushed to the Kitchen. The light was bright after the dim hall and the subdued lighting in the Library, he blinked and gradually his vision adjusted. The smell of fish was pretty pungent, then he saw a grey heap over by the sideboard. It was the body of the Hotel owner, Ms Geraldine Cooper.

He rushed over to her and checked her pulse. Again, she still had some warmth to the body, someone had been busy an hour ago. Well he was pretty sure he knew who that person was now, and Constable Parker was sure no one had left the premises.

“Where do you suppose our Mr Ingrams is? I suppose I should call him Mr Maxwell-Murdoch now.” Just as the Inspector pondered this, Sergeant Atkins came down the stairs.

“I’ve just checked the rooms upstairs, sir. Both Mrs Maxwell-Murdoch and Ms Ginatonica have locked themselves in their rooms. I told them to stay in there for the moment. The young man’s room was open and the bed had not been slept in. The other rooms are empty.”

“So, he must still be downstairs. Let’s try the Drawing room.”

The door was locked but Constable Parker broke open the door and turned on the light switch.

The Inspector’s glance scanned the room, taking in a letter lying on the table next to a half empty decanter of Whisky and two glasses, one with red lipstick on the rim. A moth flew in through the open window and buzzed around the light bulb. The Inspector walked to the Window and closed it, then turned and saw something he had missed, hidden by the Sofa, was the dead body of Joseph Ingrams. No Not Joseph Ingrams, Jonathan Maxwell-Murdoch.

The Inspector walked over to the letter. It was written in the same way as the invitation letters, with loopy l’s and p’s.

Is simply said.

I have killed them all. They all deserved it. It was revenge for what they did to me. Now I can finally rest in peace.


The Inspector sighed to himself, another successfully solved crime. Now to go and write up his report. Well that could wait until tomorrow.

“Atkins, get forensics in to sort out the bodies. I am going home to bed. Good night.”


Who Are The Victims?

Where Were They Found?

But Who Is Guilty?

How Did They Do It?

What Was Their Motive?

What Are The Murder Weapons?


That is our final clue, our final scene, later on l will post the next stage to this challenge, so get your thinking caps on everyone!

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  1. It seems there are only two left alive to take the blame! And one dead, if the note is to be believed. Sinister indeed!
    I really liked your comparison, “now looked like a Picasso.” Or maybe something from Dante’ “Inferno”? Poor lady.

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