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Guess The Blogger!

Can you guess our mystery blogger?

Who is It?

20 Random Facts Are Your Only Clues … please submit your guesses in the comment section below.

Your answers need to include Blog Name and Link and Name or Avatar Name of the Blogger themselves.

Our Blogger …

I love the smell of napalm in the morning, failing that – petrol gasoline. It can really exacerbate migraines but I love it.

I hold my breath walking through make up departments.

Ice Hockey Rocks!

Best sandwich ever is a crusty roll, salad cream, canned corned beef and raw onion.

I detest playing monopoly but love Cluedo.

I went to Cubs (junior Boy Scouts) with my brother for three weeks before they realised I was a girl and I was kicked out.

English KFC Gravy is the bees knees!

I attract trouble!

UB40 and me, are so close – we are tight! I nearly named my blog after one of their hit songs!

Niche and me don’t get along, l don’t even like the word, l prefer eclectic, random and abstract! I always want to sing heads, shoulders, niche and toes.

Preet sure that l was a trucker’s K9 in a previous life, l love road trips!

Crime stories, programmes are my all time fave’s, you name it and l know it!

I am a serious bookworm but punctual!

If my friends were asked what my blog was about, they would probably suggest cookery, because l am a keen chef!

If l told you about my career, l would probably have to kill you, so don’t ask!

MM, Mickey Mouse or Taz – hard choice, like them both but the devil in me has the heart!

I ask myself at the start of every blog post, is this the one when people are going to just tell me to shut up?

I am devout royalist and have camped out for certain events and occasions to show my support!

Blogging is one of the most enjoyable hobbies I’ve ever had. It’s an endless source of amazement that something so solitary is at the same time such a vibrant community.

If I could give one thing to everyone in the world through my blog for them to take away and keep it would always be laughter!

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If you would like to play Guess The Blogger, please send an email to aguycalledbloke63@gmail.comstating your name and your blog name, and also 20 random facts about you and your blog.

Thank you Rory


Who is Our Blogger?

43 thoughts on “Guess The Blogger! – Guessed!

              1. And you my friend are 100% spot on, well bloody done cobber, truly – it stumped so many, But the Taz thing won it over for you 🙂 Congratulations Stubby 🙂

              2. Well l have been thinking on this, l will let you know in due course, l have been thinking of making this a sort of challenge, but wanted to see how interest it generated first – who knows maybe so, your answer here will not be lost amongst the posts though, l am placing all of these into a directory, so we shal see indeed 🙂

              3. Hopefully I can return to my DH series. Been so tired working 6 days a week. Over the past 2 days 2 people in my section quit 1 properly (2 weeks notice) the other just walked so I’ll be busy training a few new peeps. Staying awake at night is hard lol

              4. I can imagine how hard it must be, well as corny as it sound Stubby, keep your chin up, more so if you are tired, because, well, you will walk into walls if you don’t 🙂

    1. Hey Jane, well you know you can play as well if you wish – l can see by your stats that yoyu are quite new, but there’s always fun to be had. If you would like to drop me an email to with 20 random facts about your blog, l will mix them up a bit and we can take it from there 🙂


  1. This is the only one I am able to guess so far. Unfortunately, I was not able to read the blogpost earlier. I like this challenge, Rory. It’s fun.

      1. You got it. But I am currently in a very intense period with my work as a journalist, family and a personal project that takes up a lot of my time. My productivity for the blog and my exchanges with my WP friends suffer slightly for the moment. The constancy should soon be at the rendezvous by the end of September.

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