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After today’s clue there is ONLY ONE more Scene Clue which will be tomorrow, then it is down to you to solve the riddle of who is the killer, is there more than one, or is it just one, are the dead really dead, or are they all dead? From tomorrow, you will have had all the scenes for this challenge. You will then have to start to try and figure out the answers to the riddles, are you a true Snifty Sleuth?

The Evidence So Far Part Two – Snifty Clue Post 23/08/18


Scene 12:  Forensic Information part two:

Inspector Kruseau had been reading Joseph Ingrams diary. He had also requested more information about him and that had come back.

Mr. Joseph Ingrams was not who he said he was at all.

His real name was Jonathan Charles Maxwell-Murdoch and he was the illegitimate son of the recently deceased Charles Maxwell-Murdoch.

Apparently, he was given up for adoption at birth. He had never been adopted, he grew up in an orphanage but he had always been strange, apparently. There were a number of psychiatric reports that had been sent to him each made at different points as the lad grew up. They said that he had several deeply rooted psychoses, an inferiority complex, a paranoid personality disorder accompanied by a persecution complex and spontaneous laughter disorder. He had been, until the last few weeks resided in an institution that kept his condition monitored and stable. Due to government cut backs, they had decided to release him back into the community.

Those were the facts, but the boy’s diary contained a more in-depth and disturbing insight into the young man’s mind.

“I have finally convinced them that I am well, that I have managed to control my inner anxieties. I have managed to contain my rages but I still can’t seem to stop laughing. I still bare a grudge, but not at the world in general, at those people who were responsible for what had happened for me. I have planned this for some time. Ever since someone had carelessly left my folder out for me to read. It contained everything I needed, the name of my illustrious father and his address, and the name of my mother and her current whereabouts. I have decided to play a trick on them all. I can’t wait to see their faces when I tell them who I am. Won’t they be thrilled to see me after all these years.”

“It has all gone like a charm, I have booked the hotel and sent off the letters. It is going to be a Mystery Weekend like no other.”

“We’ve all arrived, they don’t have a clue who I am and they have no idea that it was me that invited them all here. I spoke to that beautiful creature for a bit, she is apparently my father’s mistress. She seems to like me, I may have some fun there. I have left her downstairs in the drawing room, the rest of us are all getting ready for dinner. I think I will wait until after dinner, then I will reveal to them who I am. This is going to be so much fun. One by one they will all pay for what they did to me.”

The Diary ended there, but we know what came afterwards, the murder of the boys Father. Maybe that was a spontaneous action, he didn’t plan it, but he saw him standing at the top of the stairs, so easy just to reach out a hand and push.

A knock at the door interrupted the Inspectors thoughts.

“Yes, come in” he shouted

The door opened and a nervous looking Constable poked his head round the door.

“The final results are in, Sir. It’s been confirmed, the old man didn’t die of the poison, there definitely wasn’t enough administered to cause more than a numbing effect. The stabbings didn’t kill him either, they happened afterward he was already dead. It was the fall down the stairs that killed him, it broke his neck and caused an aneurysm in the brain.”

“Right, Constable, I think we’ve got our man. Draw up an arrest warrant for Jonathan Maxwell-Murdoch, also known as Joseph Ingrams and let’s go get him.”


Who Are The Victims?

Where Were They Found?

But Who Is Guilty?

How Did They Do It?

What Was Their Motive?

What Are The Murder Weapons?

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