4 Paws Diary – Ep 19


Episode 19

4 Paws Diary

17th August – 23rd August

Life Thoughts

Hey Everbody,

Well what can l say that most of you don’t already know? I said to Dad that l would do a 4 Paws Diary entry to let everyone know where l was at with life and most importantly my life. For those of you who don’t know and that is my Twitter friends, l have not been very well of late.

Last Friday l had a small problem with my back left leg, that went from a simple unusual hobble to a significant problem by Saturday morning, at which point Mummy and Dad took me down to see the lovely vets near Canterbury. I was so excited that l was back in the car! Since Mummy has been at this thing called work, we haven’t been on many adventures and also because whilst l am a small dog, l am quite a heavy dog and with Dad’s bad arm, and Mummy’s bad back, l can be a little ‘lovely lump’ as they call me in so far as getting me in and out of the car!

When l got there l was a little concerned l have to be honest about it, l was thinking, ‘Oh no, not my anal glands again, what is it with these people and my bum?’ But luckily they said no, it was to do with my back legs. You may recall that last year l had problems with my spine or what Dad refers ro as IVEEDEEDEE whoever that is? But back then, they said that was to do with my back legs and eveytime l walked it hurt!

But l got better from that through walking! That showed them, l am hardy l am!

The vets told Dad and Mummy they wanted me back for exrayz on Tuesday.

Well let me tell you something now! I think Mummy and Dad are trying to posion me!! All over the weekend, they kept doing things to my food, making it taste funny, and l am like ‘It’s my leg that is sore, not my mouth!’ But l stopped eating my favourite treats after that. They gave me cheese, it smelled funny, so that’s it! No more cheese! I loved cheese, well no more!

They did it to all sorts of food and my treats, and so l stopped eating them, and now they are calling me stubborn? I don’t get it, they are trying to posion me, and l am crazy? ME?? Like hello!!

Making matters worse, they don’t and won’t take me on long walks anymore, they say “You have to rest your back legs Scrappy! Shorter walks until we can get you right.” But l keep telling them, ‘l can go further honestly, please let me go further, please?’ But no, they only let me do short walks! So to say l am grumpy is an understatement, l am gathering evidence on them now.

1] Trying to poison me

2] Shorter walks!

3] Funny harness thing under belly

Making matters even worse than that, they now have this thing which they slide under my belly which is supposed to help hold my back legs up? Well ok, l admit since this hobble on Friday happened, l do have more pain, but l CAN still stand up! In the end, Mummy shoved a ‘pill’ into my mouth and then kept rubbing my throat, and l couldn’t stop it! Like that wasn’t bad enough, then l felt really sleepy! Mummy said it was going to help me not feel any pain? Well okay l didn’t but l was asleep, l felt nothing.

On Tuesday we all went back into the car and although my leg hurt, l was thinking, finally an adventure, EXCEPT we were back at the vets!!? Then Mummy and Dad left me there?

Well the vets did all sorts to me l think, and l don’t really know what happened, because l was very sleepy one minute the next and l woke up, l had bandages on my forepaws and l felt really woozy and sleepy and l had pain! That’s Mummy and Dad’s fault, and the vets! So whilst l love them, l am very wary of them now. I am refusing to eat because they might poison me again, and they call me stubborn! YES, l am stubborn, l don’t want to be poisoned thank you very much!

I can manage with my pain, and when you stop being silly two leggeds , l will be your Scrappy again! If that wasn’t bad enough, once more we got into the car and we went back to the vets again. but this time both Mummy and Dad were crying lots and they looked really sad!

“What now??” I thought, it’s me with the pain, why are you crying?

When we got there, Dad walked into the building where the vets are and l got out with Mummy and we walked, and l was telling her, see l can walk perfectly well, well maybe a bit stiff but this is what l love – walking! When l saw Dad again, he had the tall vet with him, who looked astonished that l was walking?

I was like, well hello l do have four legs, that is what they are there for  – to help me walk!  I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. The vet said that l am in a good shape, but he told Mummy and Dad that l should be eating!

So here we are right now, l am pawing up my diary entry and Dad is somewhere in the house. I know l am being a little bit stubborn, and l AM very hungry, l think it’s a battle of the wills going on here, l really do. I will not eat till l know there are going to be no more of these silly awful tasting pills in my food. When l know that to be true, l can live with the pain in my left leg, l will win this battle and they will not, it is that simple!

Anyway, that is my current weeks worth of news, l will keep you all updated.

Honestly what are two leggeds like?

Catch you next time!


Power to the Bark!

K9 Scrappy Doodlepip

Ps: don’t forget if anyone would like to do a K9 Interview we are now at number 50 with Rory the Explorey, but l am always looking for fresh interviewees. Also more feline katz would be pawsome!

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3 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 19

  1. I do wonder what dogs must think when they have their anal glands expressed. I have never had a dog, but my friends had three dogs and one of theirs needed it done regularly. She was a smelly Bit*h.

    1. Yes, well Scrappy has hers done once every five weeks, it has increased expotentially since she has come into this village where the are so many other dogs, and her need for calling card wees [think doggy texts on lampposts, rocks etc] has become huge. The more social she becomes the more wees she will do. A typical walk for her [and before this whole leg thing started] would be one maybe two real wees, and 15 doggy texts :0

      More social means anal glands cleaned more.

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