What a Wonderful Life!



What a Wonderful Life

Indeed it may be true, that my life seems to be overrun with a curse,

Somehow l was hoodwinked at birth with an inherited and incurable jinx,

Many of my friends and family state religiously it could be worse,

But the cynically orientated pessimistic disbeliever in me thinks,

Do l lead such an incredibly wondrous life, filled with enviable riches?

And not once stumble accidentally into the quagmires of disadvantage,

They understand not when l fall about in uncontrollable stitches,

Of insane laughter, failing to recognise my clever camouflage!

Fooling the djinn trapped inside my fathomless and complex mind,

Is no easy task l can assure you, and not for the fainthearted,

The evil entity that lingers within causing ill luck is never kind,

And I have learned that uncharacteristic mirth leaves it outsmarted!

Some readers would probably configure this all to be malarkey,

This may in truth be so, but how else am to explain personal disasters?

Far outreaching the natural phenomena of others around me?

And exceeding the limits and boundaries of the common plaster!

So yes this wonderful life could indeed be worse,

What is wrong with a bit of nonstop action packed bad luck?

At least as of yet l am not lying face upwards in the back of a hearse!

For the time being l just have to contend with being an accidental ….!


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