Dear Blog … 11.43 – 22/8/18


Oh what a night …

Ok, so it wasn’t December 1963, it was August 21-22, but last night was hell! This morning was also hell!

Last night Scrappy was in distress, a lot of distress. The distress continued all the way to the vets this morning for what Suze and l thought was the last journey in the car for the three of us ….. then upon arrival, moanie Minnie stopped being moanie!!

The vet came out and thought he may have to be administering the last injection, to find Scrappy and Suze walking around the complex grounds like last night didn’t happen!

Last night Scrappy was not quiet, she was whining and moaning and we thought ‘Grief is this her in pain?’ This morning after she had kept Suze up for 95% of the night with her noises, she was still moaning, and Suze and l decided that we were on the same page, and it may mean that Scrappy had to be PTS. We didn’t want our beloved pet to be in this painful stress and trauma. We said we would ask the vet two questions ..

1] Could a pill giver be used to assisst us in the application of her pills?

2] Was she in real genuine pain?

When the vet came out, as said he was astonished that she was in this fit state of repair, and told us that we were now in a good position, but still it will come down to a lot of changes, ranging from diet – in so far as finding out what she will accept [last night she took cooked chicken and some fish] and having to realise that if Scrappy had of given up then we would know the difference between ‘real pain’ and ‘simple moaning through disorientation and disassociation’.

He believes that all the moaning was due to the latter two emotions, that after coming around from the opiates used during the sedation, she was confused.

Suze took another morning off work, she is shattered bless her, the tablets in the evening knock me out, so l didn’t hear Scrappy’s discomfort but Suze as a light sleeper did.

Currently Suze is out buying fish and ham and more chicken. We now have a pill giver, and we are now firmly under the resolution that Scrappy doesn’t want to go the Great Dog Park in the sky just yet, but was totally pissed off at the situation and was telling us all about it.

Yes she is in pain and does have discomfort, but is a very routinal dog, and lives for her walking.

We are going to have to harden up a little emotionally, which shouldn’t be that hard now as we cried for most of this morning and are now a little cried out, but now we must fight fire with fire and especially with a very stubborn dog! The pill giver will support us in our quest, we MUST not give the pills in food to Scrappy, so she has to learn to recognise that food is safe, but if she doesn’t like anything, then she will learn to not like the pill giver itself.

Ironically as l sit typing this, with Suze out shopping, there is no noise from Scrappy, she is lying down peacably sleeping.

A tough love exercise indeed!

My thanks to all of you who have supported us emotionally during the last 48 hours, it means and meant the world to us, so thank you.


Edit: It’s been twenty minutes since l started this post entry as l had to get up and do some things. Scrappy has become a ‘little’ less moany, and just literally a few moments ago, got up unaided and trotted’ yes trotted down into the garden [the first time since yesterday] and did a wee, and then attempted to run – thought better of it and then contented herself to trot back up the garden! A few little moans but is now lying down again. What she needs is to let herself sleep.

Blimey, talk about stress!

Dear Blog ……


11 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 11.43 – 22/8/18

  1. A few days to settle in … and I hope she’ll be more comfortable.

    Our last dog (before this one) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when she was 14, and they said she’d live a few months at most. She lived another 6.5 years. Yes, she went blind, then she went deaf, and I’d spend the time at home with a wet nose against my leg all the time, and when I wasn’t home, she’d be sleeping with the cat, or following him around, nose to tail …
    when the old dog died a few days short of 21, the cat followed less than a month later.
    Dealing with the illness of the dog meant a lot of changes in our life, some serious changes (the food was the big deal, she became very fussy) but she was special. Very special. So we let her choose the time, and we knew exactly the moment when it became too much. She let us know. Of course, her mate the cat wouldn’t settle until the urn came home, and then he curled up around it and went to sleep.

    I don’t know if you read this post of mine, but it’s her story, and she will always be remembered:
    they come to us for a reason. I still hear her tippety-tippy toenails sneaking out to the cat bed at night, and the cat cleaning her face and ears while holding her down with his sharp nails – and purring, loudly …

  2. Oh, Thank God, Scrappy is feeling better or at least showing signs of a recovery from all she’s been through. Suze, on the other hand, is probably going to pass out by the time she’s done shopping for your furry baby.

    1. Well Suze went to work, and had a function to attend to tonight.

      Scrappy is being seriously awkward and it is very stressful if honest. I am sitting here trying to concentrate and fight the battle of the wills, my mind is shot if l am honest, and something l tried typing up at 5pm tonight is still not done.

      Scrappy is point blank refusing to eat, So l cannot administer any meds to her, she is now whining because of either pain or the fact that Suze is not here. So great, Scrappy is fine, but could potentially make herself iller by not eating anything.

      Oh well early days, but l don’t think Suze can put up with no sleeping for a second night.

        1. Wish we could Beckie.

          I think because the vets said she is in pain, but she must have food in her stomach before we can give her the tablets, when she is squawking like she is, we don’t know if that is through pain or because she is hunfgry? Truth is, we know she is hungry, but whilst she will take small amounts of ham, that’s all she is taking.

          Trying to fight against her will is difficult because of the noises she makes and the decible range she can attain with them.

          Hopefully she will be more settled, l think l am going to have to ring the vets tomorrow and find out about how we administer the tablets to a dog that is being really awkward concerning her eating habits.

          It’s just very stressful.

  3. Hay Rory,
    Glad to hear Scrappy is doing better but sorry she is being so stubborn, I hope things turn around soon for you all.


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