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The Evidence So Far! – Snifty Clue Post 21/08/18


Scene 9: Forensic Information part one:

Inspector Kruseau was sat behind his large desk in Torquay police headquarters. 

On his desk were a number of objects found in the house: 

A blood-stained bread knife found in the umbrella stand in the hall. 

A blood-stained corkscrew also found in the hall. 

A hammer found on the stairs. 

A pair of blood-stained scissors found in Joseph Ingrams’ bathroom. 

An empty blue bottle marked poison found under a flower arrangement on the landing at the top of the stair. 

There were also a number of documents taken from Mr Ingrams, driver’s license and a diary. 

In addition, in front of the inspector were the forensic and toxicology reports in a buff coloured folder.

The area had been liberally dusted for fingerprints and everyone’s had also been taken. 

Inspector Kruseau picked the folder and took out the reports and read them for a second time. 

The Victims body contained a substantial amount of poison, puffer-fish venom, but not enough to cause death, only paralysis. 

The body had been stabbed in the shoulder : – a wound that would have been consistent with being made by the breadknife was present.On the breadknife itself were the fingerprints of Ms Cooper. The blood matched that of Charles Maxwell-Murdoch.

The body had also been stabbed in the neck: – it appeared, with the scissors. The fingerprints of Mr Joseph Ingrams were clearly visible on them, they had been his and they had been found in his bathroom, the blood on them matched the body.

At that moment the telephone rang and the rather agitated voice of Constable Parker could be heard buzzing on the other end. 

The Inspector responded in a rather terse manner.

“Another murder?”




“The Valet, Harvey Dearman.”


“Shot, was he?”


“No one was in the room? Where was everyone?”


“Milling around in the hall?”


“Except for the young man? Where was he then?”


“In his bath?”


“Could he have done it?”


“The Trellis outside you say?


“OK. Keep and eye on things Parker. Please try not to let anyone else get murdered, will you? It’s already going to take me ages to get the report written up as it is without any more deaths.” 

The Inspector hung up the phone. He looked rather frustrated by the whole thing……


Who Are The Victims?

Where Were They Found?

But Who Is Guilty?

How Did They Do It?

What Was Their Motive?

What Are The Murder Weapons?

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    1. Hey Mel, in truth you can start guessing when you think you have answers. At the end of the month in fact, once all the clues are finally awarded. I will ask all those wishing to play to write their answers down and submit their reports to Inspector Kruseau 🙂

      There are still some clues to be awarded!

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