Dear Blog … 10.31 – 19/8/18


And the stress just keepsa coming!

Been a really tough day for the three of us. Scrappy is really being awkward with regards tablets, and it doesn’t matter what method we use, she isn’t having any of it. Her back left leg is the injured one and because of the IVDD history on the back right meaning that is her weakest leg, we have a really terrible situation unfolding here.

She has lost her trust of us in the last day as we have tried and failed to administer the Tramadol to her – it fucks me off that the vet didn’t give us something considering she has injured back legs that was not in a liquid form or even a powder form that may have been much easier to apply – given that Scrappy can be a canny dog at times and is very clever at making you think the tablet has been swallowed only to spit it out again.

An hour ago, her back left gave out and she went down with a sickening thud and a yelp, the yelp that makes owners want to cry and it was all panic stations whilst we tried to help her. We rang emergency vet care and no one could come out to her but we were advised to take her into Canterbury, a good 40 minutes away to wait with no fixed time schedule in the emergency hospital there, which we simply couldn’t do considering the trauma and stress we would further induce into her trying to lift her into a four by four Landrover and then drive the 45 miles to Canterbury from our location.

Scrappy has since regained the use of her back left, but whilst she can just stand, it is literally ‘just’. Once more another attempt to get the tablet to her has resulted in a failure, and now she is lying on the floor not trusting either of us as far as anything goes 🙁

We will take her to the vets tomorrow first thing, and we will have to push for either an easier medication, a sedation or for the x-rays to be brought forward by a day. I have such a very uneasy trepidation currently ongoing, and both Suze and l are stressed to our eyeballs. Trying to find postives from negatives at present is extremely hard.

In the panic l have pulled my shoulder something terrible, and l know when my own tablets wear off, l am going to feel that pull with a vengeance. Listening to Scrappy’s stomach gurgle horribly doesn’t help either because she is hungry but is refusing to eat thinking we have poisoned her food with these fucking tablets!! It’s a terrible thing to say but at this present time she is acting like my Father, which saddens me enormously.

Dear Blog ……

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  1. I have had good success with wrapping cheese around the drug, but if it’s too big, a piece of chicken (raw is great) with the drug forced into the middle. One or two beforehand with nothing hidden, a few pats, then the trojan, then one or two more without. and a few more pats. They do forgive, eventually, but much faster if the pain is eased.
    good luck.
    The stomach may be gurgling for other reasons: stress, needing to toilet but knowing it will hurt, concern about being kicked out of the pack when duties are unfulfilled … the list is long for dogs, ‘cos they take their jobs very seriously.

    1. We have tried the cheese, peanut butter, butter, raw meats, hams, treats, the works. The only secure method is tilting her head back and literally almost throwing it down her throat, but she panics and then places undue pressure on her back legs, which is where we don’t want her putting the pressure on.

      We tried crushing the tablet ourselves and administering it in that method yet she spits it out.

      Very true regards the gurgles, but she has been to the toilet, however she has not eaten anything really solid since yesterday afternoon, and whilst she is hungry, she is point blank refusing to eat anything even her favourites. of course it could be stress and if l was in her situation, l would also be stressed.

      I have had dogs in my life now for twenty five years, so like you l am all too familiar with what can cause them stress. I have been through similiar things with Scrappy for all of her years. In the last five she has become extremely stubborn on many counts, maybe the better term is routinal and fixed 🙂 Her walks have been reduced for obvious reasons, she is a hardy trooper who doesn’t like to give up or in, but we are now advised to handle her very carefully and because of her ‘trooper’ status she as you say takes her responsibilities and duties very seriously indeed.

      i think the biggest fear is that she is an old dog and very set in her ways, and because of this when she doesn’t get her own way, she can prove very, very stubborn. But l mustn’t ignore the fear factor, we know she is in pain and l like all dog owners just want to make that pain go away for her, and sadly at this present time we can’t.

      1. There is one other thing about popping pills (I’m sure it works for humans, too): put the pill next to the tongue on the left side of the mouth and it slips (allows you to slip it) down so much easier (I’ve used it on horses, dogs, cats, even an alpaca). An old, old, old guy told me about it, and once I saw how well it worked, it became habitual (had quite a few foster animals, worked every time).
        Once again, good luck, and pats and ear-rubs to pup.

        1. Morning Cage,

          That is the first method we applied in truth, having used it on dogs before. In truth l have never known a more cannier dog than Scrappy. But thinking back, the tramadol medication l had for her when she had the IVDD strike in 2017 was liquid tramadol, which was much easier to administer.

          I am to call the vets in a few moments and ask for advice, as she has had a relatively calm night and l dont want to cause her further stress just yet.

          1. Sometimes I think they manage pain much better than we do, I just hope she’s okay, and you, and that things settle. It’s always difficult (but the tramadol for animals should be in liquid form; much easier for everyone).

            1. Yes l think you are right Cage, in general animals do handle pain much more effectively than we do. We are emotional wrecks trying to help our animals, and they get on with it, and almost accept it until it heals, even if it heals badly as l am sure you have seen many animals with limps and what not that is caused by injuries going untreated and they have thought ‘Ok l will deal with this’.

              The vets have advised me to simply await till tomorrow and just keep her calm. Thankfully Scrappy is still drinking water which means at least she is hydrating.

              There should be all medications in a variety of applications, which would make life easiet for everyone. I think sometimes vets forget, and they don’t mean to, but that not everyone is vet trained and doesn’t have the skill to administer certain drug types on animals as much as they do.

  2. I’m so sorry for the time you are having. It just breaks your heart when they are in pain. Hopefully tomorrow will bring needed relief and they can give you an easier medication form to try.

  3. Oh, Rory… I am so terribly sorry about Scrappy’s leg issues, as well as your shoulder. That’s your baby girl, of course, you want to make taking the tablets easy on her. What if you tried wrapping a towel around her backside and have Suze hold her upright, then try and get Scrappy to open her mouth and shove the pill down her throat? Some type of leverage so she doesn’t add any further injury to herself.
    I sincerely hope that both of you feel better this evening. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Good luck at the vets tomorrow. 💗🙏

    1. Morning Beckie,

      Rough night. Ringing vets this morning, see what they advise. Don’t wish to move Scrappy too much at present, and cause her further alarm and leg trauma. She is very quiet this morning, subdued or l think the word is exhausted.

      1. Aww, that poor baby. It’s time like this when I wish they can use their human voice to talk to us. You’re right, she is probably exhausted from this whole ordeal.
        Then again, I’m sure all of you are. Keep us posted on how she makes out at the vets. God Bless.

        1. Thanks Beckie.

          Well l have managed to get some food into her, and water, and her ‘dong’, she is sleeping a lot and resting up a lot which is what she needs to be doing. But she is drinking and eating food again, but l told the vets l was NOT going to give her anymore tablets as l could keep her comfortable, and make her realise that we weren’t her enemy. She is looking brighter eyed again which is a good sign, and with the help of ingenuity and help with the steps leading out of the house to the garden, she has been for a wee! That’s a victory 🙂

          I now just need to remind myself of my own meds as l am aware that in order to help her last night l stretched my shoulder more than l should have, that’s the problem with adrenaline, you never know the damage till the pain hits you hard.

          Hey ho, small price to pay to see her now in this position of not being so bad as she was 12 hours ago.

          1. So happy to hear that she is eating and drinking, very good sign. As for you, my friend… You must take care of yourself too. Take your meds and alternate cold and heated compress to that shoulder of yours.
            I the beginning of July when I was watching the dogs, I had to administer 4 types of meds to Jack, big old black lab. That would be in the morning, then repeat again at night. He never gave me a problem. He was probably so broken into the daily routine.
            I do hope the both of you rest and heal quickly. Bless you, both. 🙂

  4. Poor Scrappy! That must be so so worrying and upsetting for everyone! We used to crush tablets and put them in mashed banana (our dog loved bananas and mandarins!) Try something sweet that will cover the taste and be like a treat.

      1. I know, I’m sorry, after I posted my comment I read back through the comments and saw you’ve tried crushing the tablets! I hope the vet can give you a solution. Hugs to Scrappy.

        1. Don’t be silly Kat, there is no need to say sorry. All animal owners are wanting to help.Problem is every animal is individual. Cage Dunn summed it up pretty well, that an animal doesn’t care what method you use as long as the pain eases, currently and sadly Suze and l are unable to ease the pain, so now Scrappy is thinking that everything we try doesn’t stop her pain and discomfort and if anything just adds to it. So she now associates food with keeping her pain high.

            1. Apparently they don’t have a liquid form for domestic use, only capsule which one can break. i will have to await tomorrow’s x-ray results and see what the next step is.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Scrappy Rory, animals won’t take food after you have tried to trick them a couple of times, growing up on the farm one way we use to give dogs their meds was to crush it up and mix it with water or juice and us a turkey baster to scwert it down their throat Ice cream work good too.
    I hope she and you feel better soon Rory.


    1. Hey Dawn, l know. We tried that as well, she just spat that back at us. currently at least she is drinking water, and for the time being l am happy for that. She is closer to me now than she was yesterday, we will just have to wait this out.

      The vets have basically said to keep to the appointment for x-rays tomorrow and not cause her any further stress. I am just annoyed that the pill was the only medication application they had and awarded us with. Scrappy has always been bad with tablets.

      1. A lot of dogs are, I hope things go alright at the vets tomorrow and that Scrappy dicides to start eating again.
        My heart goes out to you Rory.

        BY FOR NOW

  6. Huny, like Scrappy, HATES medication. Pill, liquid or powder, nope. Not for her. The best ways I’ve found of getting the pills into Huny without too much stress for either of us is to a) wrap it in cheese. Cover the whole pill with cheese so not a portion shows. They usually swallow that right down. b) boiled chicken. Again, cover the pill completely with the chicken bit and they usually gobble it without incident. Huny likes sausage pills too…something about the grease from the sausage (patty) seems to make the things more palatable..

    But with Scrappy not trusting food now (oh my 🙁 ) , um talk to the vet. See if shots are an option or a brace for the leg to help stabilize it or whatever the vet suggests. I believe you said Scrappy is 15? That’s a grand old age for a girl. My sympathies for whatever happens. 🙁

  7. Sorry to hear about scrappy but I’m glad things are looking better. I once read on the interweb that fasting is the best natural remedy for lots of human aliments from studying Animals in the wild. it’s known that they will not eat anything whilst they have an injury so that their bodies can concentrate all their ‘bits and bobs that do good things’ on repairing the damaged cells instead of being used for digestion. I think scrappy knew exactly what was and wasn’t going to work. 😊

    1. I think you are right. Dogs like many animals are a darn sight smarter than we humans 🙂

      Well she has certainly bucked up, and is now having a walk With Suze.

      Didn’t even bother with medication today, Scrappy is a hardy trooper – hopefully x-rays will all be ok tomorrow.

      Many thanks for your kind words my friend 🙂

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