As Told By Genesis



Britchy’s gone and done it again, except this time, same game but Bands! Check our her Blogger game!

This was so much fun the other day with a solo artist I thought I’d go again with bands! I think I might do it for the next two weeks with slightly different questions for books and movies too. But for now, using only song names from ONE BAND, answer these questions.

Im not tagging anyone but IF you would like to do this please tag me!!

You can use any band you like as long as it has two or more members. Try not to repeat a song title but if you can’t avoid it go ahead.

Repost as “As Told By (band name)”


Pick your Artist: 


Are you a male or female? 

Man on the Corner

Describe yourself: 

A Visit to the Doctor

How do you feel: 

In Too Deep

Describe where you currently live:

The Chamber of 32 Doors

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: 


Your favorite form of transportation:

Carpet Crawlers

Your best friend is: 

Mad Man Moon

What’s the weather like: 

Evidence of Autumn

Favorite time of day: 

Counting Out Time

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: 

Cuckoo Cacoon

What is life to you: 

Aisle of Plenty

Your fear: 

Land of Confusion

What is the best advice you have to give: 

It’s Yourself

Thought for the Day: 

Let Us Now Make Love

How I would like to die: 

Dance on a Volcano

My soul’s present condition: 


My motto: 

There Must Be Some Other Way


Oh come on Itz eeeeeeeeeeazy like a Sunday Morning ..oh wait a minute IT IS A Sunday morning!! So, no excuses, come along and play!

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