Have a Great Day Folks


My turn, my turn yay! Mr Groggy Paws said l can say hello to everyone !!

Have an awesome day folks in all that you. Start your day with a smile!

Mm, so what has Dad got planned for the weekend, let me look at his scheduler … yes Dad has a lovely little “Excel Worksheet” .. what did you say ‘a bit of the OCD side? No try a bit of the ODD side!!” BOL! [Bark out Loud to non K9rs]

Anyway, mm, well depending of course on how groggy he is actually going to be and that is anyone’s guess you might see  “Hop , Skip and Jump Degu!”,  Carry on Travelling part 4, Random quotes, some more of my adventure reblogs [yay], some poetry reblogs, Spookies Be Known, A Snifty Sleuth recap of the week and l think he is thinking of a new TOTW as to who he is looking at and for who, no idea?? But that’s quite a bit l think, and should go ahead as long as he doesn’t fall asleep on his keyboard like he did earlier!

But how about you?

What have you got planned?

I mean have you thought of perhaps having a Truly Inspired done if you are a non K9r, everyone says they are fun, l even did one! Check out the Directory Link Here, of course when l did mine l was at my own blog, but Dad was right it is way, way, way cooler being here with Dad! or if you are a K9r, perhaps you might like to let your ‘faithful dawg’ fill in their own and l [okay], with Dad’s help paw up the interview. Directory Here. But you know l also interview Feline Katz as well, albeit not many just yet, but as they say “A kennel wasn’t built in a day!” But l also now do ‘Product Interviews’ as well.


Blimey Dad is really organized, he even has the Special Good Morning Greetings sorted out for the next few days!!

Our Special Good Morning Call Out Goes To … with a little bit of Doodlepip’s extra sparkle!

Em – Earthly Brain Hey Em!

Afzal Moolla – #PLUR Brother

Beckie’s Mental Mess – Hey Beckie!

Please do make sure to check out their blogs!

Doodlepip and Dad

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  1. Good morning Rory and Scrappy do, I hope you have a wonderful day and try not to fall asleep on the keyboard again 😜 😂.


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