Random Quotes 82#


If you want true friendship that is unconditional and loyal to the end – get a dog! And because of that friendship they offer they are worth every minute of every day of the life they share with you and your family. As an owner and indeed their friend it is your responsibility and your duty to ensure that they live a healthy stress free life. You look after them and they look after you.

It isn’t rocket science, it’s fact.

RM 2008


11 thoughts on “Random Quotes 82#

  1. Nothing is better than the love that comes from our pets. I may not have a dog anymore, but my parrot, Peanut is my baby, and he knows I’m his mommy. We have our little conversations and sing together all the time. He may not be a dog, but he loves to be cuddled and coo like a baby. 💖

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