Malodorous Mishaps!

Ok, so what’s your worst experience of smells worse than the deadliest of farts?

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Two years ago I was going to visit my son in North Carolina and he asked me to get him a jar of pickled sausages.

Yes you read that right – PICKLED SAUSAGES.

Have you ever heard anything so disgusting? Apart from my nemesis, Cottage Cheese of course!!

So I went along to Byrne Dairy which is a local chain and the makers of these delights.

Honestly. They remind me of brains and other body parts in jars in the laboratory of some crackpot scientist and yes, by ‘other body parts’ I do mean dilly danglers!

These aren’t small jars either. They big ass gallon jars. Those things are hard to hold when you don’t have big hands. I have malabsorption issues and tend to be deficient in potassium and calcium regularly which can cause nasty hand cramps. This means holding things like jars can be a problem.

So there…

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