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Another Murder!! – Snifty Clue Post 15/08/18


Scene 6:

The young man had laughed at them all. He admitted sending out the letters, he just said it was for a laugh. He found the whole thing very funny.

Inspector Kruseau had Joseph Ingrams’ room searched, thoroughly. Several documents, his driver’s license and a diary were taken away for investigation. A pair of scissors were taken from the bathroom, they appeared to have blood on them.

The Inspector went back to the station to check up on the progress of the forensic report, finger prints, toxicology, that sort of thing.

Still smirking, Joseph Ingrams looked about him. He’d noticed two things that seemed to be a common theme. Firstly, everyone seemed to be wearing a lot of black. He was still in his Dinner suit, the Valet had on his black uniform. Mrs Maxwell-Murdoch had on a neat little black dress with large pearls, Lady Van Schlumph had on a very old-fashioned gown of black lace. Ms Cooper was wearing dark grey and Ms Lola was in red, but she had a black silk pashmina wrapped around her bare shoulders and long black elbow length gloves.

That was something else that seemed to be quite common, gloves. Who wore gloves in this day and age? In addition to Ms Lola, Mrs Maxwell-Murdoch wore gloves and Lady Van Schlumph had black lace gloves to match her dress. Even the Valet wore white gloves, that were still stained red with his employer’s blood. Why he hadn’t taken them off yet? Personally, he didn’t mind the sight of blood but he didn’t like coming into contact with it. The thought made he feel unclean. Leaving everyone downstairs in the drawing room, he decided to go to his room, lock himself in and have a soak in the bath…


Not long afterwards loud voices could be heard coming from the dining room.

A mans voice shouted out “I know it was you. I knew it from the beginning. You needn’t think I’ll let you get away with this neither.”

Constable Parker, who had been left behind to ensure that none of the guests left the hotel walked across the hall and turned the handle of the dining room door. It was locked.

Just then a shot rang out from inside the room. Constable Parker ran at the door to break it open. On the third attempt he managed it.

Inside the room the body of Harvey Dearman lay on the floor, shot clean through the head. A pistol lay, still smoking, near the body. No one else was in the room.

The French doors were open onto the patio. Constable Parker went through them quickly. He noticed that there was a rose trellis on the wall just outside the door and caught on a nail was a tiny fragment of black thread. Looking up, he could see an open window upstairs and also the window to the Drawing room was wide open too. He climbed through it; the drawing room was empty.

Constable Parker then walked through back into the hall where everyone was now standing, no doubt drawn by the sound of the gunshot.

Actually, they weren’t all there.

Mrs Maxwell-Murdoch was nearest to him, not wearing her shoes. Barefoot she didn’t even come up to his shoulder. Ms Cooper was standing by the Kitchen door, a look of grim determination on her sour face.

Both Lady Van Schlumph and Ms Lola Ginatonica were on the stairs.

Where was Mr Ingrams?

Constable Parker ran up the stairs and knocked on Joseph Ingrams’ door. There was no answer and it was locked. Taking no chances, Constable Parker again broke down the door. The room was empty, a breeze was wafting in from the open window. He ran to the window and looked out, the rose trellis ended just below and he could see the open French doors of the dining room.

Just then, he heard a splashing noise from the adjoining room. He opened the door to find Joseph Ingrams laying in the bath, his modesty covered by some soap bubbles.

Smiling the young man said “Yes Constable? Can I help you at all?”

Constable Parker went bright red and then went to telephone the station to let Inspector Kruseau know what had occurred.


Who Are The Victims?

Where Were They Found?

But Who Is Guilty?

How Did They Do It?

What Was Their Motive?

What Was Their Murder Weapon?

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