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James Garner 3rd from right.

James Garner


 1928 – 2014

Top 20 Performances

This weeks choice has been Requested by Melanie B Cee of sparksfromacombustiblemind

They Only Kill Their Masters 1972 – 9/20

When a woman is mysteriously killed in the small coastal town of Eden Landing, Police Chief Abel Marsh (James Garner) investigates. Initially, he’s inclined to believe the town rumor that she was killed by her own Doberman Pinscher. But as Abel digs deeper he uncovers a complex network of connections between the dead girl and virtually everyone else in their tiny community. Faced with an ever-widening number of suspects, Abel consoles himself by sleeping with the prettiest (Katharine Ross).

Victor/Victoria 1982 – 10/20

Victoria Grant (Julie Andrews), a down-and-out British soprano, struggles to find work in the nightclubs of 1930s Paris. While trying to scam a free meal, Grant meets cabaret performer Toddy (Robert Preston), who comes up with an idea that will change everything. Acting as her manager, Toddy bills Grant as a male female impersonator. When the nightclubs eat it up, the duo makes it big — even a Chicago mobster (James Garner) is enamored with Grant. But keeping the truth a secret is no easy task.

Sunset 1988 – 11/20

Having retired from a life of gunfights and peacekeeping, the great Wyatt Earp (James Garner) has landed a job as adviser to a Western movie about himself. On the set of the silent picture, he gets to know Tom Mix (Bruce Willis), an actor who specializes in Westerns, who has been hired to portray Earp. Not long after making each others’ acquaintance, they find out that Earp’s ex-girlfriend’s son is missing, and the man responsible may be studio chief Alfie Alperin (Malcolm McDowell).

Maverick 1994 – 11/20

This film update of the “Maverick” TV series finds the title cardsharp (Mel Gibson) hoping to join a poker contest with an impressive payoff. In order to enter, Maverick must first put up a large cash sum. He scams hopeful contestants Annabelle (Jodie Foster) and Angel (Alfred Molina) in a preliminary card game to win the money he needs, making enemies of both players. While trying to evade Annabelle and Angel, the crafty Maverick realizes a cunning marshal (James Garner) is also on his tail.

My Fellow Americans 1996 – 12/20

Ex-presidents Kramer (Jack Lemmon) and Douglas (James Garner) have hated each other for years. But when the current administration of President Haney (Dan Aykroyd) — Kramer’s former vice president — tries blaming a string of kickbacks from a defense contractor on the two former presidents, they band together. With Haney’s goons trying to kill them, they set out across the country to try and clear their reputations. In the process, they see a side of America they never knew before.

Dead Silence 1997 – 13/20

An FBI agent (James Garner) and a policewoman (Lolita Davidovich) negotiate with escaped convicts holding deaf students and their teacher (Marlee Matlin) hostage.

Twilight 1998 – 14/20

Harry (Paul Newman), a retired private eye, lives in an apartment on the grounds of the estate owned by his old friends Catherine (Susan Sarandon) and Jack (Gene Hackman), movie stars at the end of their careers. Shot by the couple’s runaway daughter, Mel (Reese Witherspoon), some years ago, Harry subsists on their guilt and good will as he wrestles with a lifetime of regret. While delivering a mysterious package, Harry is drawn into a blackmail scheme that threatens to shatter all their lives.


So there we go folks, our third part to James Garner Week!

More tomorrow – This weeks choice has been Requested by Melanie B Cee of sparksfromacombustiblemind

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  1. Fantastic. Of course, I am a huge fan of Victor/Victoria, everyone is good in that, Julie Andrews (another fine contender) Lesley Ann Warren (Her character is so awful, she’s brilliant) and the truly great actor Robert Preston (Yep, another fine contender for TGOT)

    Also, you reminded me of a film I really enjoyed when it came out “My fellow Americans” with the great Jack Lemmon (Gosh another contender for TGOT)


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