PSA: “Liking” Comments on Posts.

I know you like it, and maybe someone else will also like it, and you might like what the other person has liked as well, you know?

Like you know, but don’t just like for the sake of liking it unless you really like it!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

You know how it is – you read a blog. You love a story and you go to comment.

There’s a lot of comments there already so you read through them and some of them are hilarious! You click like on a couple, you reply to a couple of comments as well as making your comment and all’s good with the world. Reading others comments is fun and you get to find new blogs you like sometimes so it’s a win all round.

Then there are the blog readers who just click like on your post. They enjoyed it but maybe they don’t have time to comment or just don’t have anything further to add. That’s great too! I don’t always have anything to add (honestly!! This may be a revelation but sometimes I don’t have anything to say. I can hardly believe it myself but there you go.) That’s…

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