Random Quotes 80#



“People who live in stones shouldn’t throw glasshouses!!

Twisted, back to front?


Because that’s what judgemental people are like!

Don’t judge what you don’t know.”

RM 2011

β€œOne of the easiest things in life is to judge others. One of the simplest things we can ever do is to tell how wrong people are. One of the most thoughtless things we can ever do is to show people their faults unconstructively. It is always so easy and common to do such things but, before you do that, find the uncommon reasons for the faulty life.Yes! before you do that, identify how to correct a faulty life and before you do that, think of what drives and invokes the joy, slothfulness or the melancholy in people. Until you go through what people have been through, until you experience what has become a part of people, until you understand what drives the real interest of people and until you become fully aware of the real vision, aspirations, desires and the needs of others, ponder before you criticize!”

― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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