Have a Great Day Folks


Have an awesome day folks in all that you. Start your day with a smile!

So what’s everyone got planned for today?

Today we will be looking at the following: Howard Shore the Canadian composer requested by Jeanne of Borderline Crossingfor TOTW, another Random Quote, a Secret Journal Musings, concerning one of my travel stories in Romania, Scrappy has said she may have a K9 Interview lined up but she doesn’t know for sure just yet, she is a hard dog to pin down these days! She thinks she may have a 4 Paws diary entry called “Show Me The Mummy!” But is being rather secretive about it all! Some other bits and bots to boot, providing of course that l don’t have to spend even more hours on the phone today! Suze wants me to show you a photo of her newest ‘harvesting’ from the garden as well!

So what about you, what’s up for the day?

A new feature, albeit small is …

My Special Good Morning Call Out Goes To …



Cage Dunn


Please do make sure to check out their blogs!

Rory & Doodlepip

14 thoughts on “Have a Great Day Folks

  1. I am taking it easy this morning, doing stuff around the house, and trying to catch up with things on the blogosphere.

    This afternoon I am going to a friends garden party. I am getting a bit anxious about the gathering because I’m not great with crowds, plus the weather isn’t great so we’ll probably be indoors. Also, two friends of mine that I used to be close to but haven’t spoken to for months are likely to be there, so I am nervous about that.

    Feeling trepidatious.

    Have a great day Rory.

    1. Have a great day Kristian, and if my ‘Aspie tidbit’ is of any help, like you l don’t like crowds – when ever l go somewhere, l scan out all the exits pronto 🙂

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