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Some real morbid ticklers in here for y’all from the witty Ashley 🙂

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I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from blog awards, but when I’m nominated for awards I’ll answer the questions posed to me in this 20(ish) questions format, along with assorted other question tags and the like.  Feel free to join in the fun with your own answers to any or all of the questions 🙂

Questions from Ida at Around the ward in 80 days:

  1. Has blogging been as you imagined it to be?  It has truly been all that and a bag of chips! (salt and vinegar, please)
  2. What’s your dream collaboration?  Ida mentioned a vibrator company, and I think I’ll have to second that idea
  3. Would you ever do other formats besides writing, such as youtube or podcasts?  I write much more intelligently and coherently than I speak.  When I’m being recorded I turn into a bumbling idiot, so I try…

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