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The Alibi’s – Snifty Clue Post 09/08/18


Scene 4:

Inspector Kruseau cast his eye over the collected gathering in the drawing room.

“So, we have here the body of Mr Charles Maxwell-Murdoch. It appears he has not been dead for very long. What were each of you doing prior to the discovery of the body?”

Turning to the Valet who was the closest thing to a Butler in the room and automatically, in the Inspectors opinion, suspect number one. “You, What were you doing?”

Harvey Dearman dried his tears with a handkerchief. He had been crying inconsolably since discovering his employer’s body. The Valet, taking offence at the Inspectors tone, drew himself up to his full height and looked down his long nose. 

“Me, Sir? I was outside looking in the Rolls Royce for Mrs Maxwell-Murdoch. She said she couldn’t find her Mink Stole and thought she had left it in the back of the car. I had left Mr Charles in his room all ready for dinner. He wanted to write some letters before the gong went. I had been out there for about fifteen minutes when I decided that the stole wasn’t there. Coming back into the hall I saw his body…on the stairs….and the blood….”

He collapsed crying again.

The Inspector turned to Mrs Maxwell-Murdoch. “So your stole wasn’t in the car after all?”

Mrs Maxwell-Murdock looked up, a pink flush to her cheeks. “Er, no Inspector, I found my stole under the bed, where I must have dropped it, silly me.”

“And you didn’t hear anything at all?”

“No, Inspector. Charles had finished his writing and I said I thought the gong had ought to have rung. He said he would go and find out what was going on. I was still powdering my face. Our room is the Master suite and is furthest from the stairs. I didn’t hear a sound, I’m afraid.”

The Inspector turned to Mrs Van Schlumph. “Your room, I understand, is at the top of the stairs. Did you not hear anything at all?”

“Eh, What did you say? Speak up, man! Oh, wait a minute.” Mrs Van Schlumph took out a device concealed in a discreet pocket in her dress, it was attached to a hearing aid in her left ear. 

The inspector repeated his question.

“Well I’m afraid, my hearing is not quite what it used to be. I don’t bother putting my hearing aid in until I’m ready for dinner. I’m afraid I didn’t hear a thing.”

“And what about you, Young man. I take it that your hearing is quite alright?” The Inspector asked Joseph Ingrams.

“Well yes it is Inspector, but I had my headphones in and was listening to some music. I didn’t hear anything either.”

Turning to the owner, the Inspector asked her what she had been up to. 

“I was preparing dinner. I work single-handedly, I don’t engage any permanent staff because they don’t take orders properly. I prefer to do everything myself. I’m afraid I didn’t hear anything, You can’t hear much behind that big kitchen door, it’s soundproofed you see, to prevent guests from hearing all the noise from the kitchen.”

“And, what were you doing madam?” The inspector directed his question at Miss Lola who had got up from the table and was admiring herself in the large mirror above the fireplace. She turned and flashed her eyelashes demurely.

“Little Old me? Well, I had been talking to that lovely young man over there” She pointed at Joseph. “Then he left me in the Drawing room to get dressed for Dinner. I wasn’t going to change because I thought I looked just fine the way I was” She laughed seductively, taking a deep breath. “Then, I’m afraid to say, I fell asleep in a big comfortable chair and only woke up when I heard everyone talking in the hall. I came out to see darling Charles dead on the floor. I don’t think I will ever get over that shock. I’m sorry I didn’t hear anything else.”

The inspector sighed inwardly, it appeared he had just been treated to an Oscar-winning performance. The upshot was that according to everybody present. No one had heard a thing?



Who Is The Victim?

Where Were They Found?

But Who Is Guilty?

How Did They Do It?

What Was Their Motive?

What Was Their Murder Weapon?

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