Sadness Belies Truth


Sadness Belies Truth

To each and every person, comes a time in their life,
When problems are a plenty, and concerns are rife,
In my travels through my passing’s of time,
I’ve seen many and chosen to write of them in rhyme,

Now its’ not a science, nor to me is it an art,
Not hard to write, when it comes from the soul and heart,
For there are many issues at hand to pen down,
Some make you smile, cry and even frown,

Whilst others make you think, ponder and imagine,
Odes and tales, of darkness, romance and lovers entwine,
For me, poetry is the ability to display my salvation,
To readers, it can take them into my minds’ creation,

Not all poetry is purely written to please,
As it allows the writer to emotionally release,
Displaying upon paper, personal thoughts within ink,
Enticing readers to read, imagine and to think,

Sensing emotions of a creators’ hidden fears or tears,
Portraying perhaps jumbled feelings from over the years,
Every line that is penned comes mentally from within,
A minds’ eye, looking back at all pleasures and at times sin,

Seeing feelings through another’s’ eye, can at times be deceptive,
Read correctly, from start to finish, readers are usually receptive,
Most of the time, the written work, is meant to soothe,
But at times, its not possible, for sadness belies truth

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

5 thoughts on “Sadness Belies Truth

  1. Interesting poem Rory, that is one of the reasons I love poetry, interpreting what the author is trying to convey at the time of the writing. ❤️✌️


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