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The 1982 film ‘Poltergeist’  and following two films forming the trilogy were rumoured to be cursed …. but why/

We could talk of that creepy skeleton scene where Dana falls into the pool, and you may have believed like she did that these skeletons were lifelike replicas, but you would have found out like her and the rest of the crew that synthetic skeletons were expensive, more so than real skeletons!

22 year old Dominique Dunne who played the Freeling families eldest daughter Dana was murdered a mere 5 months after the film Poltergeist was released in November 1982. Her ex- boyfriend brutally strangled her in her driveway. She was the first cast member to die.

Curse or coincidence?

The second cast member to die by the curse was Julian Beck who played Henry Kane in the second film, who although had been diagnosed in 1983 with stomach cancer before accepting the role fell to his illness and passed away in 1985.

Curse or coincidence?

Number three of the rumoured curse was Will Sampson who played Taylor in the second film who died in 1987 of post-operative kidney failure and pre-operative malnutrition after undergoing surgery for a heart and lung transplant.

Curse or coincidence?

The fouth member to die was in fact Heather O’Rourke aged 12 memorably known for the line “They’re Heeere!” in the first film, who died in 1988 during surgery to repair an acute bowel obstruction months before the release of the third and final installment.

Curse or coincidence?

Four cast members died between 1982 – 1988 or between the first and third film, it has been suggested that due to the real skeletons being used in the pool scenes in the films one and two that this may have contributed towards their death, what do you think?

Curse or coincidence?

Richard Lawson who played Ryan in the first film in 1982 narrowly escaped death himself during the USAir Flight 405 aircrash in Flushing Bay in 1992. 27 people out of 51 perished in that disaster, was this part of the curse also?

Lou Perryman who played Pugsley in the 1982 film was killed by an ex-convict with an axe in his own home  in 2009 when he was 67 years old. Was this the curse, or purely concidental?


In 1984 an exorcism was performed on the set of the second film and afterwards, the tensions were released and the cast members felt relieved.

A poltergeist is a destructive entity according to folklore, an evil spirit set loose, mostly naughty and not always nasty and have been rumoured to cause unexplained events, noises, movements, mishaps, accidents and it is oft suggested that poltergeist activity is the result of puberty present in the home front …. others suggest negative energy created by those experiencing trauma and or stress, severe and detrimental changes to the environment – no one really knows. Ouijia boards are also thought to be responsible for opening up dark portals from the nether to the darkness of an open mind.

However what do you think … curse, coincidence or crap?

I have personally some experience on this subject that l will write about in due course.

But who remembers this? The Entity?

Spookier than fiction!

6 thoughts on “Spookies Be Known!

      1. Oh, now I have to disagree with Aliens…I think that one got better with time. I was never a fan of Jason or Michael which is probably why I loved Halloween 3…lol. Freddy will always have a soft spot in my heart, but The New Nightmare was awful!

        1. With the Alien movies l would say 1-3 were best, wasn’t enthused with 4 or 5. The Halloween originals were creepy as F, but the music makes a lot of these spookier in truth.

          Jasons 1 – 3 were brilliant, the rest were well l am not realy sure what they were thinking.

          Freddy’s 1, 3, 4 were the best.

          But we are talking when horror movies hyperfocused not just alone on gore, don’t get me wrong these were slashers and hacks no other description for them, but they had a lot of suspense to them as well.

          Now everything is just in my opinion to get more blood and guts in/on the screen.

          However the better films are those that simply screw with your head.

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