Dear Blog … 5.25 – 07/8/18


With No Grim Satisfaction …

Well l had my specialist appointment today with the orthopaedic consultant concerning my problems. He prodded me and made me do the usual exercises and confirmed that he believed it to be a pinched nerve starting from C5-C7, however l was still to arrange for a carpal tunnel appointment just in case the nerve was pinched in the wrist, but he was pretty convinced it was the neck, but everything has to be eliminated.

Another x-ray was taken of the shoulder, but having not heard from him this afternoon to confirm the necessity of cortisone injection l am guessing that obviously proved to not be the problem.

I am now to be prescribed a nerve reaction painkiller which should start to ease off both the spasms and hopefully some of the pain in all affected areas, they may knock me out a bit ………! But also to await an appointment for an MRI just to look a little further into potentials.

He informed me that he would be writing a stern letter to the physiotherapist who had he not gone into the injury so heavy handed at both sessions back in June/July l might have missed out all the additional unnecessary pain l am currently experiencing as that could have been completely avoided, aka it is with no grim satisfaction that l say that bastard caused me more injury as l suspected!

The specialist said that sadly it is an error many physiotherapists make as in, not always asking the right questions before they commence therapy itself, and that had he asked me more direct questions concerning the pain instead of having me ‘hyperfocus’ on accidents in my past, and had asked me more of my current activties would have found that l have a degenerative spinal problem in the neck.

Oh well at least we are now on the road to recovery, albeit sadly slowed by a forced injury of sorts by another health professional. Estimated recovery time now looking at around 9 months and if lucky maybe less.

It was that phrase, that turn of words that stuck in my throat, ‘If Lucky?’

Luck isn’t always my best buddy!

Dear Blog ……

9 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 5.25 – 07/8/18

  1. What have they prescribed? Tramadol?
    My Mum has been in a lot of pain since she had a fall in February. She also has a degenerative lower back disorder they wanted to operate but she is nearly 80 and was scared so she opted to have a cortisone injection which appears to have done nothing. She can’t take morphine so has been trying to manage the pain with paracetamol with the occasional aspirin and diclofenac.

    You know I am wishing you all the best, for all that good wishes do much good at all…..

    1. At present l have no idea Kristian, the fewer the better would be my answer, however l don’t have that choice if l don’t want to experience pain. There are certain tablets l simply cannot take due to ingredients, so have to make an appointment to see my Dr to discuss options.

  2. Tramadol and Meloxicam are both great! I have a fracture at C1 and 2 and I’m having laser therapy, tens and manipulation which is fabulous! They decided my shoulder issues are completely separate but I see that specialist again on the 21st.
    I can’t recommend tens enough but also, tiger balm. It doesn’t do any real benefit I know but oh the comfort it provides! It really soothes the tension and helps lesson the quantity of migraines I’ve been having lately. I haven’t been headache free since January m, there’s always low level head pain but it can really ramp up and tiger balm both on the back of my neck and lightly in my temples is absolutely bloody lovely!!

    1. I think there is a strong possibility that l will be placed onto Tramadol as that was mentioned a lot today.

      As to anything else, l will await the final answers and then discuss what the care and treatment elements are that are available.

  3. I feel your pain, literally. I have just concluded some sessions with the physiotherapist. My numbness in extremities was getting worse with the exercises. Finally they stretched my neck and that seemed to do the trick. I use a drug called Celebrex in the USA – I can’t take the usual anti-inflammatory drugs or opioid derived drugs.

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