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Inspector Kruseau – Snifty Post 06/08/18


Scene 3:

The guests stood milling about in a mixed state of bewilderment, possibly tinged with blood lust. 

The efficient hotel owner, Ms Cooper had already telephoned the police and they had been swarming over the area like locusts in a wheat field, taking photos and dusting for finger prints. 

Ms Cooper gathered all into the dining room and served a mixture of beverages, tea, coffee, whisky etcetera, just to keep everyone occupied. 

Then the Inspector arrived. He was a short man in a grey homburg hat, a rather shabby brown rain coat and had a beard that seemed to contain remnants of pastry in it. As he walked in, he tripped over the dining room carpet and fell flat on his face. 

“Thank you, Constable, get back to your work” He said to the young policeman who helped him back on his feet. 

“Good evening. My Name is Inspector Kruseau. If you please, I would like to take a statement from each of you about this gruesome murder.”

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