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Friendship you either get it or you don’t, a play on words, a power struggle, a people thing? Everyone needs friends is what they say isn’t it? Everyone needs friendship in their life? But what happens when a friendship turns sour, heads south and becomes toxic? Can you see it happening, or are you usually the last one to notice?

What are the clear signs in your eyes that perhaps ‘buddies for ever’ or ‘best friends forever’ is perhaps isn’t going the way you may have thought?

“Constantly arguing, lack of compromise, betrayal of trust … what?’


What therefore are the main signs to a friendship turning toxic?



Everyone loves a bit of banter, some discussion, topical talk, well that’s what MWF Question Time is all about.

7 thoughts on “MWF Question Time

  1. from a manic-depressive’s perspective …

    … when the ship of friends has set sail, leaving one alone and feeling betrayed.

    (though in truth, it is often I who ‘push’ friends away. just in the event some friends read this 😊✌️)

    1. Good afternoon my friend Afzal l hope this finds you well and in good keeping.

      I am similiar to you, l tend to push people away. Over the years having been awarded 3rd degree burns by ‘friends’ l have become somewhat cynical to people’s supposed friendship intentions and at the first sign of any toxicity l tend to say enough is enough.

      it’s also sometimes called emotional survival 🙂

      1. My dear brother, how true your words are – emotional survival – yes we often ‘push’ friends and people away but yes absolutely, we also feel the pain and the loss and betrayal when ‘friends’ morph into human beings we hardly recognise why we were friends in the first place. the conceit of wealth and status and having ‘made it’ in the world leaves me baffled about how people change and become toxic by us no longer being able to relate to them anymore.

        Thanks again for all your brilliant work here and my manic self tends to click ‘like’ before I read the posts but that is knowing that I shall appreciate the writing 😊

        have a peaceful and healthy and gentle week ahead and as always, it is an absolute pleasure reading your work.

        cheers from South Africa

  2. Nothing destroys a friendship faster than money. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve lost when I’ve loaned them
    money! I’ve never asked for it back but I guess the guilt of not paying makes them avoid you. Don’t loan friends money!
    I will drop people like a bomb for disloyalty too. A friend that passed my address to the ex who was banned from having it by the courts? Never spoke to her again after confronting her. I wouldn’t even accept an apology.
    Some friendships are meant to be short term and you just grow up, move house or job and drift apart. That’s normal. There are layers to friendship or circles I think. The outer circles are bigger, the smallest circle closest to you is tiny.

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