Dear Blog … 11.21 – 04/8/18


Time is of the essence or not ……. as it seemingly has no meaning anymore!!

Got to love the delightful honesty of friends eh??

A classic case for this entry l feel, here l am writing what l would have said was the second to last post of the night with the last being my ‘Have a good night all post’ or it would have been running to schedule if indeed time was on my side which for most of today it has not. So the secret is out – yes l post date or post time my ‘Good Night post.’ But now that l am typing my Dear Blog post, l have just seen my supposedly last post going out to the world and find myself thinking once more – where has not just time but today actually gone to?

Last night, l went to bed in truth this morning at 12.30am, so it was not last night that l went to bed but in fact very early this morning that l went to bed to actually get back up again within a few short hours later.

I awoke at 6.30am this morning, but did not actually drag my sorry arse out of bed till 45 minutes later, creaking and groaning all the way.  When l did retire last night l did so because l quite simply couldn’t actually physically function anymore and my eyes felt like they were sitting on my chin rather than the position they are supposed to maintain for normalcy. I went to bed in absolute agony and knowing that the damn tablets which cause me such an issue were not actually effectively doing their job despite the frequency l take them nor the quantity!

Yesterday morning with Dodge on our morning jaunt, although jaunt seems like it is fast paced and there is nothing fast paced about me currently, l don’t seem to have any speed in me at all, so l shall now say, that yesterday morning Dodge and l went for our morning sluggish crawl – with Scrappy being the only fast one between us. I mean Dodge is 72, l am 55 and in dog terms Scrappy is still the eldest at closer to 85 or whatever it is.

Dodge suddenly declared in his way “Jenny doesn’t know what you are complaining about with your tablets and this grogginess you are experiencing, she takes the same tablets and says it doesn’t effect her that way?” [Jenny is Dodge’s wife]. “That one tablet a day is nothing.”

“One tablet???” I enquired, “Is that all she is taking??


“These tablets Dodge are for pain and muscle relaxant. I take them so as to supposedly eliminate the pain from my body and to relax the muscles so l don’t spasm.”

“Right, well even still one tablet is nothing.”

“I am lost Dodge, whoever said l was on one tablet a day? Do you not think l could handle one lousy tablet?” I  answered completely bewildered.

“Well even still, 2 at a push is nothing.”

“Two?? I wish, but that wouldn’t make a bloody dent to what l am experiecing. I take 2 tablets every three and half to four hours whilst l am awake!!”

“Two every three and half hours?? Good grief that means you are taking 10 of the sods a day? That’s enough to floor an elephant!!”

“Yeah like hello, that’s why l am so groggy!!”

“Oh well, that certainly explains why sometimes you are not all there of late, sort of lights on but nobody at home.”

“Thanks mate!”



So after dragging my painful lump out of bed, l started the day, Suze walked Scrappy, l stayed in, l attended some early morning blogging activity, pre-set some time dated posts and then had to take to my feet and walk off the pain a bit, sat back down [lost time], got up a couple of hours later, clueless as to what l had been doing, went out and tried some left handed gardening and after 45 minutes with Suze calling me a muppet as l had knackered myself, had to sit down again. Started on the Award nomination post, took some more tablets, suddenly the pain caught me unawares and l had to go lie down with the post a quarter complete. Woke up 90 minutes later even groggier than l was when l first got up this morning!

Sat down, and after a while longer had to get back up, with the award post only now half done. Lay down for a further 40 minutes got back up, did another 45 minutes of the post and this went on for most of this afternoon. That award post in all took me nearly six hours to write up!


I swear that l am losing time like they lost it in Picnic at Hanging Rock! There is some mystical force in action, oh one can dream, but alas not, it is the dreaded fusion of being a chemical junkie. Which is a terrible thing to say even at my own explorative nature. I mean it’s one thing to get a high on a joint, but on tablets, nay nay and more nay that’s just not on!


However this is where it gets even spookier, but somewhere along this time frame of a day, Suze opened up a bottle of home brewed Elderberry wine, and l had a glass of that which then with its high potency and bad reputation l couldn’t remember when l had my last set of tablets and whether it was safe to drink or not? But then l thought, why am l worried? I take so many tablets now during the course of one damn day it doesn’t matter, l may not be as high as a kite, but l am so relaxed, any more so l might actually just fall over so what’s the worse that a bit of home brewed Elderberry wine going to cause? The fact is, l don’t actually think it even touched the sides of the pleasure dome!

Was it any good you may ask?

Absolutely no idea at all, can’t even remember drinking it??

Oh well tomorrow is another day eh?


Dear Blog ……

4 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 11.21 – 04/8/18

  1. I’ve found tramadol to be really good but it knocks me out. I’ve just tried Meloxicam for the first time – I’ll let you know how that goes!

    1. Most of the ‘dols’ do me a knock out job. The dr has me on this particular one until l see the specialist on Tuesday. He might be able to pin point me to a tablet that actually does the sodden job until this damn thing is fixed.

      I an just sick to the back teeth of it now, l need to be functioning normally agin and not taking tablets and NOT weighing 12 stone OMG l think that is the worst for me, l have a slight belly!!!!

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