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New studies suggest that huge percentages of today’s global society have very little self-worth and confidence. That people no longer believe in their abilities let alone their self and yet on the other side of the coin other research further suggests that society is in the grip of the madness ‘me me me’ epidemic otherwise known as narcissism. But what is the truth? Is there no balance left in our world. are we purely obsessed with our own gratifications or are we hiding in the corners too afraid to say boo to a goose?


Do you lack confidence or possess a minimal amount pending the situation, are you quite confident as a person, are you perhaps balanced equally, or are you an over confident persona verging on vanity and obsessed with ‘you, you, you and even more of you?’

Today’s question therefore is ….. what is your confidence level like?


Shy and retiring or …


…………..bold as brass or …


… Vain and cocky and audacious to boo!

Or are you just balanced?


Everyone loves a bit of banter, some discussion, topical talk, well that’s what MWF Question Time is all about.


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  1. Western society seems to be getting increasingly individualistic, and I think in a broad sense that can decrease empathy and inflate the sense of the importance of self, without necessarily having the boost in confidence that may come from having a solid social support network. My level of confidence varies depending on the state of my mental health, but I’m glad that for the most part it’s more internally driven rather than being based on external influences.

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