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My thanks to both Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith and Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess for nominating my blog for this new award which was created by  MSW R.

If you are not yet familiar with any of the above blogs please, please do visit them or bookmark them now for troves of treasure to read about later.

Here are the rules:

Tell who you nominate and why.

Copy and share the picture that shows the award, posted above.

Share a paragraph of something that impacted your own life in the way of receiving kindness or how you extended kindness to someone else.

Nominate anyone or share to your own page. If you so choose to Participate.

Tag or pingback to the original person who nominated you, or the original post.


I have to concede to being a little lost on this award and have taken time since l was first nominated by Teresa and Beckie to give it some deep thought. I even had to look up the term ‘random acts of kindness’ to try and get a handle on it. I was puzzled why l was being thrown off sync and so confused and as much as l hate using my label of Asperger’s in defence, l came to realise that l was taking the word ‘random’ out of context and was referring to it as literal.

I don’t randomly really do anything everything is planned to a certain degree, so as an example if l pick up litter from the beach which is supposed to be a ‘random act of kindness by definition’, l don’t see it that way, l see it as litter on the beach needing to be picked up so as to make  the area cleaner, l will pick it up. Yesterday l gave my neigbour some surplus vegetables from the garden, a decision that Suze and l agreed upon, so whilst a ‘kind’ act it was not random but planned.

Perhaps l am overthinking this, if l smile at someone on the street l don’t think of it as a random anything, it’s just who l am, l try and smile at people because, well why not? We don’t really live in a ‘kind’ world anymore. I always open the door for my elders first as l was brought up to respect my elders, equally as much as l will open up a door for a lady not becuase she is not able to, but because it is politeness to do so. Walking on the roadside of your loved one or once more an elder to the left is not random, it is upbringing.

I will naturally help a stranger, if l have change in my pocket and l can spare it, l will give it to someone who needs it more than l do, perhaps these are random acts, l honestly don’t know. But l was raised to have a code of moral ethics and to do no wrong to people, and to not be judgemental of others and if not childhood learning then l adapted to my life how l would wish to be treated myself. I am by my very nature a friendly person and am never rude to anyone unless pushed to extreme provocation. I try to therefore to be friendly to all those l meet and greet.

However, this award is to honour those whom are kind to people and perhaps, not being modest or humble l may fall into that category, at the end of my time, l simply want and wish to be able to close my eyes for the final time and say to myself, l have lived a good life and l hope that somewhere along my journey l have made the day for someone else. if l can say that, then l will be pleased.

So perhaps my message is simply, be kind, smile often and help those who need it.

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31 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness Award

  1. Rory, that was such an inspiring and thoughtful post. I applaud you, Sir! Everything you said made perfect sense, and I was truly touched by your words.
    By the way… a couple of days ago you reached out to me and said there were no excuses for me not to be able to join in the next “Fun” thing to do. I was rather depressed and extremely frustrated with an issue pertaining to the State of NJ, and the Health Insurance Agencies here. They nearly pushed me over the brink.
    I wanted to apologize to you if I hurt your feelings in any way. It wasn’t my intentions at all. I would love to participate in whatever you have in store for me.

    1. Don’t be silly Beckie, you didn’t upset me, l have only ever had my feelings hurt once in WordPress and insulted at the same time, but that was through a misunderstanding, and is now purely in the past.

      Beckie l can relate to where you are, have been and so on and my philosophy is and was and will always be, when you are ready you will be back.

      Some readers may not know this, l do have an extraordinarily good memory. when l write up any award there are lots of people l would like to nominate at once but l try to take into account first and foremost where they are, and if l nominate them l don’t always expect a response, it’s just to let them know l am still thinking of them even if l am not stopping by every day. Others l try and remember who has nominated them recently, or when l nominated them last, others still may not run award received sites so l will keep a memory of that, equally l simply try to remember what their mood is and if a nomination will cheer them up, and the list goes on … it’s hard being me at times lol, but don’t worry you did not nor could ever truly upset me 🙂 x

      1. You are truly an outstanding man, Rory. Thank you, for being so understanding. You truly have one of the biggest hearts. 🙂
        Now that most of my issues have somewhat been resolved. I am so back in the game of being here.
        It’s funny, but WP, keeps me grounded. Without it over the course of time on/off… I felt like I lost myself and the connection I have with my fellow blogging buddies. This place is my solace, a breath of fresh air, a place where I consider most of the people here my very dear friends.

  2. It comes down to having the right attitude and YOU have lots of it my friend. I’m honored that you thought of me for this very special award and to be among such great bloggers and kind persons. Thank you.

        1. Sorted 🙂 lol

          Reminds of that conversation in the Bodyguard with Kevin Costner in the kitchen fight, when there is only action and not a word said until Kevin says ‘I don’t want to talk about this again’.

          Being that everyone is in agreeance 🙂

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