Music in Da House?



So what’s everyone listening to RIGHT Now?

I have an extensive eclectic musical tatste, and find creativity in almost everything what about you?

This is Mine!

2 thoughts on “Music in Da House?

  1. Let’s see I woke up at 4:00 thanks to a fat mama opossum, then at 6:00 thanks to my neighbor and his crappy car so I heard door slam, ka-chinga-ka-chinga-ka, door slam. Door slam, ka-chinga-ka-grrrr, then he finally drove away. The family makes over $65k a year, have 6 cars for 3 adults and 1 teenager and they are all crap cars. Fun. Now, it’s 7am and I finally have caffeine which meant I got to listen to cat hisses and growls during breakfast and am now listening to cars on the main road a block down but mostly doves, a few angry blue jays, a cardinal, and a bunch of sparrows. Later today I will be editing, so I’ll be listening to either Les Mis, Are you being served, or just leave it on the Wipeout channel on PlutoTv.

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