Dear Blog … 10.19 – 02/8/18


The Good News and the Bad news …

Well in truth l am joshing you there is no really serious bad news unless of course you don’t like my blog in which case it is indeed sad tidings for you, as l am going to be here for some time to come!

I got my results for the x-rays this afternoon, and l am going to live! You probably may recall l said they were looking for cancer in the lungs or some kind of tumour, well they didn’t find anything untoward but in truth this isn’t that big a shock, l didn’t for one minute think they were going to find anything! Don’t get me wrong, you hear the big nasty C word and you cannot help but think ‘Ooher this might be serious!’, afterall that is only natural, but nope l am not going to die.

This means that we are now back with the original thought process of either neurological or muscular and maybe a disc issue, but who knows right? I am not a Doctor, didn’t make the grades it was that simple.

The bad news for me might arrive in the form of once l see the specialist next Tuesday that he may send me back to that sadomasochist of a physiotherapist and that might not be so pleasant, but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day and let’s cross that bridge as and when we get to it!

Am l relieved? Well it’s hard to be relieved when you didn’t expect it in the first place, but Suze says l should be relieved, so okay l am relieved, and for good reason!

It would have been frightfully annoying to have been told l was going to die or l only had x amount of months left because l have still got so much to write about, and seriously … dying would have been a terrible inconvenience! Plus it would been awkward having to tell my parents one of which is going through chemo and doesn’t need any extra hassle in his life but more irksome would have been trying to tell my Mother who is not just neurotic but a terrible hypchondriac anyway and she would have seen it as one up on her and probably come up with a story to beat mine – which would and could have been insufferable!

Not me being flippant either, but l am writing about my day and not someone elses’ just in case someone takes umbrage to how l have written this episode. Of course l am pleased, but it IS hard to be estatic about something l didn’t think was the problem, I will be more pleased and excited when someone tells me exactly what the actual ‘problem is!’ Truth be known, l hardly ever get really excited anyway, some people have oft been slightly bewildered when l have received tremendously exciting news and l look unfazed – doesn’t mean it’s not good news, it just means that in my world it would have to literally blow my mind for me to be dancing around like a naked pixie wooting and huahing! There have only been a few moments like that in my entire life.

When l am excited trust me you would know, otherwise most things tend to be somewhat humdrum.

Anyway, roll on the 8th, let’s see what the specialist says and more importantly how to get off these damningly annoying tablets and ceasing this pain!


On another note, it has long been suspected that the lad who lives behind us here in what the village lovingly term as the brick slab house or the public toilet due to its seriously horrible design and irregularity to all the other houses was/is on the spectrum. I suspect he is if his musical taste is anything to go by, no, no, NO! Not worried about what he listens to just his fondness for repetition. He has played the same song a total of 17 times since 6pm tonight and it reminds me of the time when l lived at home l played Mama by Genesis 26 times one Saturday much to my parents complete and utter annoyance.

There was just something about that particular beat that inspired me to play it over, and over and over again! I am not sure if it was the song or the fact that l had it at volume 23 every time that pissed them off so?

Dear Blog ……

20 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 10.19 – 02/8/18

    1. Yes, me too lmao! No, not on him but on Genesis, l was a quiet air drummer who used chopsticks, my parents said however there was NOTHING quiet about me … go figure! lol

  1. Hay Rory,
    Ya I get it good news but what the “F” is the problem, I’m a lot like you when it comes to stuff like that, hope they find the problem soon. ❤️✌️


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