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The Players – Snifty Clue Post 02/08/18


Charles Maxwell-Murdoch

A wealthy and ruthless business man. A Small built man in his late Sixties. He runs a huge corporation called Lynxcorp, which controls newspapers all over the world.

Mrs Patricia Maxwell-Murdoch

She is younger than her husband and is his second wife. His first wife died in unexplained circumstances. She has been married to him for ten years. She is in her forties. She has mousy light brown hair and appears to be a timid woman. She dresses very smartly and expensively but rather plainly, except for a string of enormous pearls around her neck.

Miss Lola Ginatonica

A blonde temptress with a curvy body and a heavily made up face. She wears exotic, figure hugging clothing and elbow length gloves and smokes cigarettes in long holders. She is loud and brash and well aware that she could wrap any man around her crooked little finger.

Lady Alicia Van Schlumph

She is the Sister of Mr Charles Maxwell-Murdoch’s first wife, Abigail and is convinced that her Brother-in-law was responsible for her death somehow. She loathes him, his second wife and Miss Lola. In fact she hates pretty much everything and everyone. She is a lady in her Sixties, tall, thin with iron gray hair arranged elaborately in tight curls around her head. She is always dripping in jewellery and carries her large handbag around with her wherever she goes, along with her diamond encrusted walking cane.

Joseph Ingrams

A man in his late twenties. He is tall, dark and handsome. He has a very dark sense of humour and rather enjoys making fun of the other guests. He calls them unwanted extras from an Agatha Christie film, discarded because they looked too ridiculous even for a film. He loves Murder mysteries and doesn’t care if they are fictional or real, the more gruesome the better.

Harvey Dearman

He is Mr Maxwell-Murdoch’s personal valet attendant. He has spent most of his life covering up the fact that he is gay and also madly in love with his employer. He is tall, rotund and red faced. He has oiled black hair centrally parted and normally is neat and tidy. He carries a picture of his employer with him in his breast pocket.

Geraldine Cooper

An austere and distant woman who runs the hotel more or less single-handedly. She is very tall and wears grey. She is very efficient and cold as the grave. It seems very out of character for her to host something as fun as a murder mystery weekend. Her Father had been a businessman but had lost everything when his company had been ruthlessly taken over and destroyed by Charles Maxwell-Murdoch thirty years ago, leaving her to run this Hotel.


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  1. Oh, I can resist everything except a lemon pie or a mysterious challenge … You and Kristian have come up with a scenario that arouses curiosity. I cannot wait to discover more about the plot.

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