Music in Da House?



So what’s everyone listening to RIGHT Now?

I have an extensive eclectic musical tatste, and find creativity in almost everything what about you?

This is Mine!

11 thoughts on “Music in Da House?

Add yours

  1. Try Milos Karadaglic… a classically trained guitarist. He has a Beatles Album that rocks as well as classical songs to serenade you to sleep. Or maybe you want to dance? Lots to choose from. Beautiful sounds… 🎶🌞🌾

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      1. Many thanks and same here, l sound like Moaning Myrtle at present, but l need to really know what is going on. I am growing weary of the constant pain and more so with the fact that l am having to swallow pills like they are Smarties. 🙂

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      1. I just wrote a poem as this conversation rolled… it includes a video clip of one of Milos’s Beatle’s songs “She’s Leaving Home” if you want to check it out… Tori Amos, another of my favs sings the song so heart-fully beautifully. 😍 Have a great day Rory. Great chatting with you!!!

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