Dear Blog … 12.55 – 29/7/18


Klutz spelled with a Capital K …

I think it is safe to say that Suze is generally right about me a good 95% of the time, don’t tell her l said that, as l say she is only right about me 85% of the time, but credit and kudos to her, she does knows me and knows me well.

After the physiotherapy and the suspected scar tearing in June, it has taken me several weeks to recover and numb down the pain levels. It has taken a lot of time at my own concession. I have had to undertake several moves to eliminate increased pain and this has meant  slowing down my writing activities.

I don’t sit for lengthy periods of time as that was placing a strain on my upper back, l sold off my gamers’ chair and moved into a straight back chair so as to ease off my lower back pain. I don’t look over my right shoulder or look up or even look down for any periods of time as that started to place problems for my neck. I have introduced more smaller articles after being told to ‘ease’ off on writing longer pieces as it was suggested that the mouse l use was causing further problems for the radial nerve.

Now l take a stronger tablet which is a slightly higher dosage and that muddles and frazzles my brain for roughly 25 minutes whilst it adjusts. However l noticed that if l was writing during that period l would make typical dyslexian type mistakes l do have dyslexia albeit only slightly and normally l can combat it, however l heave learned to NOT write for the first half hour after tablets.

I tried rather stupidly again to not take tablets yesterday morning and regretted it as l was groggy for the first few hours. But l am more fearful of the addictive properties to these tablets and now l am becoming some chemical junkie as l need those tablets so as to keep the pain levels down. Typical Russian roulette l feel.

Suze was doing some gardening yesterday as you may have seen with the post Doin’ The Dirt … Eh Episode 8 and l thought l would help, and so by helping her ‘trim her bush’ so to speak and only holding the secateurs for ten minutes l then ended up with immense pain, nightmares all night and now serious pain today! After ten minutes only of what l considered light work! Very disappointed with myself and Suze who said l should take it easy, and l stupidly said “Darling, ten minutes of pruning is hardly going to damage me.”Yet, it did!

My appointment with the specialist is on August 8th, and l can honestly say l am looking forwards to it, l am tired of all this hullabaloo and need to know what is going on.

However for the time being …

Klutz spelled with a Capital K signing out.

Dear Blog ……

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  1. Sorry to hear about all that Rory, ya those pills are a chech 22, damed if you do and damed if you don’t. ❤️✌️


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