As they say – a trimmed bush is a happy bush!


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July 2018

As they say – a trimmed bush is a happy bush!

Blimey it seems like only 4 days ago since the last episode ………. oh wait a minute, that’s because it was. However this series looks at both brown and green fingering! I know what a way to put it, but it’s the truth. Suze is a green fingerer and l am a brown fingerer! Sounds so, so, so very wrong! Last episode was about the brown compost side and this episode is really about the green .. with a bit a naughty attached, unless of course you are one of those that doesn’t see naughty in anything!

Suze is chuffed with her gardening prowess, and so am l. We are both thrilled with the huge impact the compost has made to the soil, nothing quite beats a good compost, well maybe a nice bit of cake. But let’s be honest, not a lot comes close to nice cake!


No Garden is complete without a forepaw of some sort!

Our kitchen larder has enjoyed quite well the fruits of the harvest this year … marrow, cucumber, squash, strawberry, beans, courgette, mint and many other herbs,  potatoes and peas, rhubarb and we are still have the tomatoes and the sweet peppers to come through, although l think the latter may be a miss for summer, but we will bring the plants in for next year. Our fruits trees have yet to yield any great harvest, however l think that the cruel winter joke of last year to this year may have destroyed that chance. We might see some plum, but the apricot and the pear and apple have been dashed as indeed has our nut tree.


Marrows, courgettes, cucumber, beans and Squash.



Squash to be picked.


I told Suze that is a cucumber and there is NO way l can compete with that!


Or the marrow!


More cucumber…..


Nor the courgettes darling!!


Peas l can compete with ……..


………. and the beans!

We might see some plums this year, albeit not as many as 2016. We have two plum trees, one apricot, one nut and one apple and one pear.


I informed Suze that her bush needed trimming!!


That it was simply way too bushy!


Just way too much bush and it needed trimming, in true on your knees style!


Suze said that a bush is a bush is a bush!


I agreed but said that a trimmed bush is healthier and happier and doesn’t let mildew in!


Suze agreed and let me trim her bush!


Last night 27/7th ten minutes before a storm Stephen King would have loved!

Well after Friday Furnace temperatures of yesterday, the Met Office said we would finally see rain, and we did, it rained, it thundered, there was lightning, there was wind, and yet here we are today and the sun is shining, the heat is back albeit slightly cooler and we still have wind. But we now have trimmed all of Suze’s bush and they will not regret it, they will yield us much higher results!

More next time, thanks for reading.

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